Authentica Launches Enhanced Enterprise Rights Management for BlackBerry


Authentica Inc., the leader in Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, today announced Authentica Secure Mobile Mail for BlackBerry. Authentica Secure Mobile Mail offers a complete mobile security solution for enterprises. For BlackBerry(R) enterprise customers, Authentica Secure Mobile Mail offers advanced after-delivery control for secure message management. Enterprise Rights Management helps companies to protect critical business information, communications and intellectual property.

“Today’s business professional is provided a myriad means of communication. Securing message content in today’s untethered mobile e-based business world means having to go beyond traditional records management,” said Carl Frappaolo, co-founder and consulting practice leader for Delphi group, a Perot Systems Company. “DRM type technologies are quickly becoming a must have for most, if not all, business organizations as a critical component of enterprise security.”

Authentica Secure Mobile Mail works with BlackBerry, the leading secure wireless solution, to offer mobile professionals increased dynamic control of after-delivery information. This dynamic control provides user permission capabilities, such as allowing when an e-mail can be viewed and denying access to copy, paste or even forward a message. Additionally, the author of an e-mail can assign a pre-determined expiration date to any message or recall a message at any time. Authentica Secure Mobile Mail automatically allows for subsequent copies of the message to expire immediately, ensuring the information can no longer be viewed.

“As security is a top priority for enterprises, Authentica Secure Mobile Mail gives BlackBerry customers additional security for message management,” said John Bruce, CEO at Authentica. “These features are critical for financial services, manufacturing and healthcare industries and any organization concerned with keeping confidential data audited and managed.”

Authentica Secure Mobile Mail integrates with Secure Mail for Outlook and Secure Mail for Lotus, while leveraging the secure, manageable, “push” architecture of BlackBerry Enterprise Server(TM) to provide a complete, secure wireless messaging solution.

“At CaseCentral, we deal with extremely sensitive information in the litigation and regulatory environments that demand the utmost security and protection for e-mail messages,” states Christopher S. Kruse, president and CEO at CaseCentral. “We turn to Authentica to meet our security requirements for documents and can see the critical need to extend Authentica to BlackBerry as more and more companies strengthen their wireless infrastructure.”

“The BlackBerry security architecture continues to lead the wireless industry and win respect with customers. We are very pleased to work with Authentica to build on the secure BlackBerry platform, helping enterprise and government customers maintain after-delivery control of email messages to enforce data security policies and ensure regulatory compliance,” said Mark Guibert, vice president, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion.

Authentica Secure Mobile Mail was recently recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Computerworld Horizon Awards.

Active Rights Management Platform

The Authentica Active Rights Management platform provides flexible protection options to meet the needs of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. It is the foundation of Authentica’s full suite of security solutions, including Authentica Secure Mail, Authentica Secure Documents for Microsoft Office, Authentica Secure Documents for Adobe PDF, and now Authentica Secure Mobile Mail for BlackBerry.