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Installing 3rd Party Software on Blackberry

Application Loader
The easiest way to install programs on your Blackberry is “Over-The-Air”, however not all handhelds support it so your other option is to use Application Loader. Application Loader is one of the programs that comprise the Desktop Manager, it is used to load .alx files on to your handheld.

The following will show you how to load a trial version of a Magmic game on to your Blackberry:

1. First you need to download the .alx files to your PC, just point your browser to

2. Unzip the game file to your Desktop.

3. Connect the BlackBerry device to the personal computer.

4. In Desktop Manager, open Application Loader.

5. In the Application Loader Wizard, click Next.Type your password, if prompted, and click Next. In the Handheld Application Selection screen, click Add. Go to the directory of the program you want to add, select the
.alx file, and click Open.Once the application is in the list, verify it is check-marked, and click Next.On the Completing the Application Loader screen, verify the software to install is under Applications to be Installed or Updated, and click Finish.Once the application is installed on the device, click Close in the Application Loader Wizard.

6. Verify that the program is loaded on your device.

One Response to “Installing 3rd Party Software on Blackberry”

  1. Chris
    December 8th, 2005 12:01

    My desktop manager does not show the application loader icon. It just shows Backup,Intelisynch, and Redirector icons. Any ideas?

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