Ask Us! Syncing Blackberry with Hotmail

Kelli asked us,

I just bought a Blackberry and wanted to receive my Hotmail on it but can’t figure out how, can you help please.

The free Hotmail that many of us use is unable to integrate, you must subscribe to MSN Hotmail Plus in order to integrate your Hotmail account with your BlackBerry account. If you attempt to integrate a regular Hotmail account, the following error message appears:

Cannot integrate the email account! Please check your information and try again.

The extra charge of $19.95 is very reasonable, with Hotmail plus you get 2 gigs of space, ability to send larger files, and the ability to integrate with Outlook and subsequently your Blackberry. If you’re not a fan of paying for email, then you can always sign up to Google’s Gmail which you can setup to integrate with your Blackberry.

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  1. 1 Simon

    An easy free way to do it is to forward your hotmail to your BlackBerry Web Client. And change your reply address to have your hotmail address on outgoing email. This is what I am doing with my GMail account and it works great. And it is a lot faster than using the POP account.

  2. 2 Dave

    Hotmail does not allow email forwarding. I currently have Hotmail Plus and I’m still unable to get it to register my BlackBerry. MSN/Hotmail doesn’t seem to open the POP3 ports and/or don’t allow users to access the email from any other application, except Outlook/Outlook Express/ Maybe in the new version (out soon) of Hotmail they will match up with Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail….?

  3. 3 WNO

    I think the post omits two important points:

    (1) T-Mobile does not permit integration with Hotmail accounts, whether or not the Plus version has been purchased; and

    (2) Hotmail Plus is NOT required for Hotmail accounts that have been around for a year or so; only the newer accounts have this limitation.

    And in response to Simon’s post, Hotmail does not, unlike Gmail, allow you to simply forward mail to your account. You can set up desktop applications to poll your Hotmail account and autoforward messages to your BB, but Hotmail does not have this feature built-in.

  4. 4 Dave

    Thank you WNO. You’re correct in that I have a T·Mobile BlackBerry, hence no Hotmail access. Bummer!

  5. 5 Jules

    Cheated!! The BlackBerry website says I can connect to Hotmail Plus with my BlackBerry. After spending $250 on a BlackBerry and signing a 2 year contract, I’m told that T-Mobile BLOCKS Hotmail access. T-Mobile cheated me. And BlackBerry, which is a T-Mobile business partner, has abandoned its loyal customers.

    Good bye, BlackBerry! It’s cheaper for me to buy a Windows telephone than to break my 2-year contract with T-Mobile.

    Jules in Chicago

  6. 6 Trey

    I have a T-Mobile Blackberry and there is a workaround. Go to on your blackberry and you can check your hotmail. It doesn’t auto pop up like a POP3, but you can check it manually.

  7. 7 Wayne

    Thanks Trey. Isn’t pretty, but it works. -w

  8. 8 Wayne

    We’ll… actually… not t-mobile is blocking access when entering again.

    The first time I was able to view all my hotmail.

    The second, I get “access forbidden”.

    The third time, I get “HTTP Error 404: Not found”.

    Bummer, -w

  9. 9 Murtz

    Hotmail told me that mailgov will work to solve the syncing with hotmail problem. I can’t get through to the downloading site for this at

    Any ideas?

  10. 10 Luis

    Rim told me to check out They have a program called IZYMAIL that works like Mailgov I wont get my BB until May so I wont be able to check it out till then. But if any of you figure it please let me know. Thanks.

  11. 11 David

    I checked out Izymail, but I found it much easier to upgrade my free Hotmail account to Hotmail Plus. I’m glad that I did since the adds that Hotmail puts into each email and the banner adds were annoying. With Hotmail Plus there are no ads. That alone is worth $20 a year. Plus, the extra storage and the ability to get emails sent to my Blackberry are great bonuses.

  12. 12 Paul

    GetMail for Hotmail will work to forward Hotmail to another account if you have an old Hotmail account. If you’ve got a later account you can use GetMail with onen of the many free Hotmail>POP3 convertors such as FreePOPS to forward on these. Totally free and works quite well.

  13. 13 ali

    Hi, i’m totally confused. After years of using and loving blackberry w. my work e-mail i’ve now started my own biz. I’ve sent out my new “” address, which is another name for hotmail, to a couple hundred people, and went to buy a blackberry to replace the one my company had provided for me.
    Now, it sounds like I can’t use a t-mobile blackberry with hotmail in way that doesn’t cause, at best, a 15-minute delay in receipt of messages, which makes online conversations, the main thing I used it for, impossible. One t-mobile store told me I simply couldn’t use a blackberry at all. Can this possibly be true? Does Cingular’s Blackberry sync with hotmail? How can a company so good have done something this amazingly awful? help.

  14. 14 Guillaume

    Problem with all these forwarding solutions for hotmail is that you need to have your laptop turned on and connected to the Internet. Therefore, it’s not very convenient. I suggest going through the hassle of

  15. 15 sk

    hi ,
    i have a hotmail plus account and i pay $20 extra for it but i still dont know how to get my hotmail emails on blackberry. everytime i call tech support they say it is not possible .. can anyone give me instructions pls help

  16. 16 medici

    I am having the same prob as SK, help us.

  17. 17 Mahdi BB

    This is bullshit,
    I have purchased the hotmail msn plus and it is not compatible with blackberry, it still does not work!!!!!!!!
    Nor Blackberry or hotmail service support is able to help me with that…………

  18. 18 Roger


  19. 19 sophie

    i have the same problem. I have subscribed to hotmail plus for more than year and was able to forward my email address to my blackberry(with cingular).I changed my password recently;email forwarding stopped working. I thought i can simply update my blackberry account set-up with my new password and everything will work. Nope!! Same BS!
    Anybody knows how to solve this problem?

  20. 20 JB

    SO I want to buy a blackberry and use cingulair. I would like to forward my hotmail.

    Can you tell me if I should get a specific model?

  21. 21 ZT

    I bought a 8700c and still can not add my Hotmail Plus email account to it. My Hotmail Plus email is in my own domain address “” instead of “”. I would appreciate if anyone can offer some tips and suggestions on how to add such a Hotmail Plus email to the 8700c.

  22. 22 ROGER is a site where you can enter your hotmail account and it pulls your hotmail email onto the fastmail server. You then specify your new fastmail email address on your blackberry and voila Hotmail.

    Even better the service is free. Your Hotmail is updated every 3 hrs which is the downside but you can pay a fee and get it in an hour - try it it works.

  23. 23 xfernand

    I was able to load an application on my singular cell called Webmail. I can now get AOL Yahoo and Hotmail on my cell and I’m getting by while I figure out what to do about the BB/Hotmail problem…

  24. 24 Chris

    I was having the same problem until yesterday. I signed up for a beta called Windows Live Mail and now I get hotmail to my blackberry(8700c)just like any other account. Give it a try, the beta also gives 2GB of storage.

  25. 25 whitney


    I just signed my hotmail account up on windows Live media, but I still couldn’t get it to link to my t-mobile blackberry. did you do anything special?

    also (anyone) is there a way if you have outlook on your home computer to link your hotmail to outlook?

  26. 26 Leo

    I have a blackberry pearl 8100 and t-mobile service, i tried and works after refreshing it about 3 times in the browser. I had MSN Plus and it didn’t connect it with my BB so I am using my Yahoo email with BB and works fine.

  27. 27 Teresa

    Thank you Chris. You are right. Just sign up to the FULL version of Windows Live Mail (free) and the old restriction is over. Get and send hotmail as with any other account.

  28. 28 Col @ T-Mobile

    T-Mobile do NOT restrict the Hotmail facility from Blackberry users, Hotmail have restricted POP access as they lose revenue; it’s simple: when you logon to, you are surrounded by adverts, whose owners pay Microsoft for click-thrus. If you are accessing your Hotmails from a seperate email client (OE, Thunderbird, or your Blackberry) you will not see the adverts - they lose money so they restrict access and only allow it thru the Hotmail Plus feature.

    Some older Hotmail accounts have POP access pre-provisioned however.

  29. 29 jimbo

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to sync hotmail to their blackberry since May 27th (Col @ TMobile’s message).

    I have the 8703e with Verizon, and I can’t get it to work. Gmail works like a charm and is kept separate from my Enterprise connected Notes email…

    Is anyone in a similar situation and figured out how to create a separate icon on the Blackberry workspace for only hotmail?

    any help appreciated. ->

  30. 30 Djpeseo2k8

    1.Sign in to and click on “Communication Tools.”

    2. Scroll down to the Email section and click “learn more.”

    3. Locate the blackberry section and click “Set up BlackBerry e-mail”

    4. Go to the “Add An Existing Email Account” section and click “Setup Account”

    5. Enter your hotmail email address and password.

    Once you click next, your account will be ready to forward hotmail to your blackberry client. Well I hope this helps! Happy Emailing :D

  31. 31 ALFONSO


  32. 32 Judy

    A BIG THANKS TO “Djpeseo2k8″ (August 6th, 2007).

    YOU ROCK! I can finally receive my hotmail with the directions you laid out in the 5 easy steps.

  33. 33 rita

    i too downloaded outlook connector, but i still am not getting hotmail on my blackberry… :( :(
    Please, please help!!!!!!

  34. 34 rita

    i even got a confirmation message from the server, but still nothing…. HELP :(

  35. 35 Atampaguy

    Setting this up on T-Mobile doesn’t work for people with office live accounts same as hotmail. Office Live doesn’t have banners and click throughs, so why force the mapi server settings on us. I can’t redirect email either and after setting up tons of back office tools on Office Live if I redirect my DNS to a pop 3 host, I lose the functionality of my website and other tools on office live. Plus they can’t fix it for me, so I have to have my DNS pointing there now or scrap everything I did on there and start over somewhere else. MS is just trying to squeeze blackberry, that’s all it’s about. What will happen is people will move away from MSN based email crap in order to use their black berry. Gmail is Awesome. They even have their own tool for blackberry.

  36. 36 mp

    I have signed up for AT&T (cingular) regular cell phone and also their mobile internet service and have bought a blackberry smartphone. For AT&T is there an equivalent process as suggested by ‘Djpeseo2k8′ for AT&T/hotmail. Any other suggestions also welcome. Regards…

  37. 37 Holly

    hello ,

    I’m a bit of a blackberry virgin ,but on Friday will offically be ’self employed’ and want to get a blackberry pearl to access my hotmail for work. Is there any point? I’m concerned i will take it home & not be able to access my hotmail. Oh ,my computer is an Ibook - will that make things even worse! Hxxx

  38. 38 Mike

    I have an 8820 this is what i did. (off of memory)
    1) blackberry setup ->personal email setup
    2) “Add an email account”
    3) BB will not be able to figure out the auto settings so try entering your username and password, but it will most likely reject it twice.
    4) Upon given the choice to enter manually take it.
    5) enter your user name (full email address with domain) and password. server is
    6) RIM should do everything else for you. All messages will be sent to your inbox messaging folder.
    More info on this new service here:!CC9301187A51FE33!44348.entry

  39. 39 Tim


    8800 on T Mobile in Uk…cannot set up a email address..any advice?


    Tim Harding

  40. 40 Aaron

    I’m the same, just bought a T-Mobile BB8800 and hearing all these horror stories about not being able to access my msn hotmail. Am i gonna have to change my e- address or IS there any way around this problem, ie can you forward hotmail onto other accounts like gmail.

    please help


  41. 41 Ken

    Stay away from hotmail. That’s all i can say. I tried it few times with my 8700 and no luck on connection.

  42. 42 Mike

    i have just purchased my first blackberry and want to sync it with hotmail. I know you have to subscribe to hotmail plus but how does one do this? I have been trying for an age.

  43. 43 Helen

    After 4 days of struggling (and cursing), I think I have finally managed to get my hotmail emails forwarded to my T-mobile BB. (I tried connecting via but received an error message.)
    I subscribed to Hotmail plus, which I found by googling “hotmail plus;” it is $20 annually, as mentioned by previous posters.
    I set up a Gmail address.
    I had my hotmail forwarded to my new gmail account-not possible with the free hotmail accounts.
    I had my gmail forwarded to my BB using the Set-up Internet Email option from the BB menu.
    Ridiculously complicated, but it seems to be working?!

  44. 44 Jim

    Just got a blackberry pearl and was trying to get hotmail pushed onto it. Can’t you just go in hotmail to options;manage account; forwarding mail and type in blackberry address?

  45. 45 Pam

    Just go to hotmail homepage and get the “Windows Live Hotmail” link sent to your blackberry. i was able to access my hotmail instantly upon sign in.

  46. 46 Sarah

    I just got a BB 8703e w/ Verizon. I want to push my Hotmail emails to my Blackberry, but all of the info above is very confusing. How can I do this? Do I have to pay for Hotmail ($20/year) or can I use the “full version”, or is it just impossible?

  47. 47 Kay

    Where do I look for the email on my BB? I went to Hotmail and sent my mobile number (AT&T) but I don’t know which icon to use to find out if it’s connected. Thanks for your insights.

  48. 48 Megan

    I just got a blackberry, and i know i have to upgrade my hotmail account to hotmail plus. Can i do this without making a new email, and how do i upgrade?

  49. 49 Axxo

    I think either you guys like to pay for “air” or just don’t know.
    Forget Hotmail. Get a free Gmail account and use IMAP tp access your Blackberry. POP3 is like 80s technology people!

  50. 50 Michelle

    Go with Gmail! I have been trying to link BB with hotmail for last 2 months, just not worth the hassle.

  51. 51 Lori Lynn

    Well, I’ve spent WAY too much time trying to sync my Hotmail with BB Pearl. With seconds (literally) I had my old Yahoo account (I no longer use). I have my homescreen set up to list messages, missed calls, and calendar. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I put into my Yahoo calendar shows up in the calendar on the homescreen of my BB. It’s awesome!! Unfortunately, I’m going to need to inform all of my contacts that I have a new email address. Oh well, it’s kinda like moving - gotta let people know your new address when ya move. Good luck with that Hotmail stuff…I’m done with Hotmail!!!!

  52. 52 Curits

    I just received my pearl 8100 today and had no problem setting up my hotmail account after t-mobile updated my phone to put the mail and internet icons on it. I do have a paid hotmail account, I have had it for years. I entered my mail information into my t-mobile account and once my phone synced everything worked. Maybe hotmail or t-mobile fixed whatever problem they were having…

  53. 53 Lori Lynn

    Just yesterday, I discovered that I can forward my Hotmail emails to my newly created Yahoo email account. Each time I receive an email via Hotmail, it is then forwarded to my Yahoo email and BB and I am notified immediately.

    In addition, all of my information is synched…contacts, notes, calendar, email, etc. So, there is no question about what is on my BB vs. Yahoo. I get an email reminder sent to both my Yahoo & BB for upcoming appointments on my calendar, tasks, etc.

    Even better (well maybe not better but at least just a good)…I downloaded Yahoo! GO. With this I can get the latest news, Flickr, weather, maps, find nearby places, maps, email (includes both forwarded Hotmail & Yahoo mail), etc. AND it IS user friendly. I set it up to notify me on things that interest me. Example: specific stocks…will notifiy me via BB when there is big news in the stock market or if Britney Spears finally agrees that she has major issues and commits herself to the loony bin!!

    Keep in mind that I can still go to the hotmail website to access my email, but this is much, much better. Peace of mind to know that everything is in sync.

    Good luck!!

  54. 54 Gavin

    I have discovered the secrect to getting your Hotmail on your Pearl. Go to the Browser Options, then choose Browser Configuration. Support javascript and allow javascript popups must be checked. Finally for Emulation Choose MS Pocket IE. You Should now be able to log into your free Hotmail. I also successfully bought the Hotmail Live Plus, and am able to have it synced to my pearl so that I do not have to constantly log in to hotmail to see my mail. Good Luck.

  55. 55 Ai

    How do I purchase Hotmail Live Plus?? I am going crazy looking for the page or link to upgrade.

  56. 56 RC

    So, I couldn’t add my hotmail account to my blackberry, but I was able to got to hotmail options and have emails sent to my cell phone when they arrive. I can reply and everything. It seems to be working perfectly and no yearly fee or downloading software!

  57. 57 Jay

    ya i just set this up today. forwarded my hotmail account to a newly created gmail account and sync that gmail account with the BB. works like a charm. didnt cost me a cent.

  58. 58 JY

    thanks all for great tips. however, while i was trying to set up the hotmail email forwarding, i saw it says - “Forwarded messages are deleted from Windows Live Hotmail”. Is that true? I still want to keep my hotmail emails in the hotmail a/c - is there a way I can forward emails but they do not get deleted? Thanks a bunch!

  59. 59 JY

    Just curious Lori - it seems only Yahoo Mail Plus would give you POP3 functionality which means you have to pay to receive Yahoo mail on BB - am I correct? Thanks a lot!

  60. 60 Nicky

    The best free e-mail to sync up to your blackberry is Yahoo. You actually get the yahoo symbol in your appplications as soon as you sync up, and it is as easy as signing into your e-mail. And of course, blackberry ofers its own e-mail service free.

  61. 61 Mario

    How do forward hotmail emails to gmail?

  62. 62 LK

    How do you forward your hotmail to gmail? Hotmail told me I couldn’t.

  63. 63 vivek

    jay how did you do this??
    howmail does not allow me to push emails to gmail…
    and how do you sign up to hotmail plus
    i’m going round in circles

  64. 64 brett

    hi vivek

    make sure you upgrade your free hotmail account to windows live hotmail account. then under the option tab click on more options and in there you will see on the list “Forward mail to another e-mail account” in there your can set up email to be forward to another email address

  65. 65 april

    it will not let me put in a yahoo account, an outlook account, or an .edu account to forward from windows live hotmail. i do not want to pay another $20 to upgrade hotmails. i have tried just about everything listed on this page. it won’t forward to gmail either. i changed it to accept java, tried to pull up the webpage as my homepage, and tried to send the link to myself on an already set-up email. i have the package that only allows access to email (which is essentially all i use), so suggestions about the homepage are essentially worthless. ANY IDEAS?? i just bought this phone a couple of days ago, and to my dismay, the hotmail account is the one i use the most!


  66. 66 Rafael

    ok guys if you want to move on life you need to make ajustments. if you can read aa e-mail you can tell everyone that you change your email

    this is what i did i change my hotmail to gmail
    if hot don’t want to help o well.

    you will have such of easy way to manage you emails
    with gmail and bb.
    than trying to keep the same hotmail that sucks anyways
    i have two accounts with hot mail and they can help me half of the times. so like i said make adjustments that helps you not hotmail

  67. 67 Lost

    i’m totally lost guys, so whats the best way to have hotmail on BB? tks much!

  68. 68 Adrian Osmond

    Ok… so I read this page 3 weeks ago when I purchased my blackberry, and have not had Hotmail setup..

    Then, just now - about 15 minutes ago, at 4am my time AS I SLEPT my Pearl starts vibrating like mad! I turn it on, 9 new msgs - All e-mail… SUDDENLY, ON ITS OWN, it’s connected to my free hotmail account and now works flawlessy

  69. 69 Confused Linz

    My boyfriend and I bought new BBs at the same time. He was able to set up his hotmail account on his CURVE without a hitch. I couldn’t set mine up on my PEARL 8130, but when he tried to set his up on my phone it worked just fine!

    I have since upgraded my hotmail account to Windows Live and I downloaded their full Live package (with blogging and mail and messenger) and at that time was able to sync my hotmail to my BB. It worked just fine for about 5 minutes. Now I am able to send message from hotmail on my BB, but it will not receive them.

    I have to say that I hate gmail and I really don’t like yahoo. Why the eff does Microsoft have to make things so difficult for everyone?

    I’m not going to give up the email address I’ve had for over 10 years over this. I will find a solution and when I do, I’ll be sure to let you all in on it.

  70. 70 george

    the best way is to open up a gmail account.
    then what u do is forward your hotmail emails to your gmail accoount.
    from gmail ur able to forward everything to your BB.

  71. 71 hotmailfwd

    Hi george, I just got a new perl 8100. I tried to set up forwarding option on hotmail account. It seems that now hotmail doesn’t allow forwarding to gmail anymore. Any suggestions?

  72. 72 Ari

    Get Gmail, you get FREE POP service and Blackberry works just fine!

  73. 73 Adam

    I’ve just got a new BB Curve, and am tearing my hair out with hotmail. Why do Microsoft insist on being so awkward with it all?! I’ve got hotmail set up on there, and it is on the main screen just the same as my other accounts (which all work fine), except the hotmail account doesn’t seem to want to accept emails.

    So - I’m going to just leave it for a couple of weeks in the hope that it is just taking a little while to sync up. Hopefully my experience will be like Adrians above.

  74. 74 G

    OK so I’m a little bit worried: I got my Curve the other day and set up with a Hotmail account of mine without any problems. [I'm on 02 (UK), with BB Unlimited and have had that Hotmail account for many years].

    Should I be having problems with that? Is someone going to charge me extra for this without me knowing? Hmmm…

  75. 75 Dean

    I would be happy to pay for MSN Hotmail Plus or windows Live, but does it matter that I have an iMac that doesn’t run Windows?

  76. 76 Mark

    My problem is not with MSN or Hotmail. I have a problem with the T Mobile sales man who told me that Hotmail would work. When I returned to the store within 14 days the sales man again told me it would work and just log on My T Mobile to sign up. That put me over the 14 day return period. T Mobile knows better but deceives its customers.

  77. 77 bryan black

    i upgraded to hotmail plus (windows live plus), which allowed me to forward all my hotmail to my blackberry email address @ and hotmail keeps a copy of all emails in my hotmail account also.
    i get my hotmail on my BB instantly and can send/ receive no problem. for a cost of $19.95/ year

  78. 78 sharon

    Ok, so… I recently got a BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and was able to set it up to access my hotmail email with no problems. I have had my hotmail account for several years. I recently got married and wanted to change my hotmail address to my married name and in order to do that, I had to set up a new hotmail account. When I tried to set up the new hotmail acct on my BB, I got an error. Any ideas?

  79. 79 Steve

    I just got this to work after hours of research, trial and error, and a lot of lost hair. I downloaded the full version of Windows Live HotMail. Unfortunatly after going to a bazillion websites I don’t have a link for you. The install took about 15 minutes and it loaded some other apps like Windows live Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Mail, Live Messenger and some other junk. Anyway, I will continue to try to find it again and give a link. But if you start loading this package of apps from Microsoft and it literally takes about 10-15 minutes this made my blackberry sync with hotmail.

  80. 80 Steve

    I think this is it.

  81. 81 Ellen

    What did you do once you downloaded it??

  82. 82 kay

    i just got a black berry that says cingular on it but we have verizon phones can I use it?

  83. 83 Razor

    Well after reading everyone’s horror stories (and adding my never-used Yahoo address to my ‘berry), I have to say that I’ve 1) had my Hotmail account for about 11 years and 2) I have the Windows Live account (the beta that HM offered a year ago or so) and it works just fine. I had to wait a few but I sent a msg to myself via hotmail and blink! it popped into my Bberry’s email. I had to make sure that the option for mobile alerts was checked on my Hotmail account-you put in your wireless provider and phone # and HM emails your Bberry with the access code. You put the access code into the Hotmail screen and you should be able to get it.

    Hope this helps!

  84. 84 JCC

    Razor - it sounds like you’ve cracked it, but I can’t quite get exactly what it is that you did to do so… Can someone please supply some simple step-by-step instructions to set up FREE hotmail on a Pearl 8120?

  85. 85 JCC

    PS - not interested in paying Microsoft any money whatsoever for plus.

  86. 86 G-Unit

    In case anyone is still trying to figure it out, I did what Steve did above (April 13th), and downloaded Windows Live Mail. Once it was installed, you have to actually set it up. It seems to create some form of Outlook-like interface for your hotmail. You have to open WLM (new icon on desktop) and set it up so that it is linked with you hotmail account. Once that was done, I was able to sync my BB Pearl 8130 with my hotmail address (from the phone setup). Working so far…


  87. 87 G-Unit

    Actually, it seems that I can send hotmail messages, but receiving from 3rd parties doesn’t appear to be working, despite the fact that the email address is now listed on my BB. Any clue?

  88. 88 David

    Hey G-Unit, i bought my pearl about a month ago, and set up my hotmail account on it, i have since opened a new hotmail account, the new one will not work for receving, i can send from it, but thats it. my old account will still work sending and receiving emails.

  89. 89 hmmm

    hmmm, I havent been able to read every single post so I am not sure if this has been said already. But I just bought the BB 8330 for the Verizon network. And on the first day I had it I was unable to set up my hotmail account and I was getting an error message. Then I have been looking online for ways on how to do it, or at least forward my hotmail email to a Gmail account which I could access from my phone.

    About 45mins ago, I just felt like trying again and I went to “email settings” add new account. typed in my hotmail address and my password, then it made my accept a user license agreement, and now it is working just like my gmail or blackberry email accounts. I was very surprised, but maybe there has been a recent change to the network.

  90. 90 David

    Just did the same thing as hmmm, seems that you can now get email on your blackberry through the *new* hotmail accounts. this makes things alot easier, no more email forwarding

  91. 91 Raand

    what do you mean by “the new hotmail accounts”? I have had hotmail for years and still cannot get this to work.. I cannot even seem to find the upgrade and pat 20 dollars a year option from the updated live version or the classic version…..

  92. 92 kdk

    I have a blackberry pearl through verizon, and don’t seem to have the problems above. My e-mail syncs perfectly (wirelessly both ways). I can not get the calendar to sync. Any ideas?

  93. 93 Jinx

    Can you tell me whether you pay to have hotmail emails directed to blackberry.

    Work has just given me a blackberry and I have set up hotmail to it but wanted to know if my work will know and also if I will be charged more!

  94. 94 Aldo

    Just want to say that I did add my hotmail to my blackberry today and worked like a charm…thanks.

  95. 95 Mo

    Hi All - I just addedd 10yr old hotmail account to my blackberry which I could never do before. I did not download or pay for anything!!!!

  96. 96 James

    Hello world, does anyone know what the ‘email server’ name for a account is?

  97. 97 Mark

    I just got a blackberry pearl with ATT and it seems to be fine other than the fact the e-mails come through on my blackberry almost 30 minutes after it hits the hotmail servers. Any clue as to why the delay?

  98. 98 HotLocksHairExtensions

    Can someone give me a step by step guide to how I forward my hotmail account to my blackberry please.

  99. 99 Katie

    Worked great on my curve!!! thank you!!!……………………….

    January 29, 2008 at 12:30 am
    I have discovered the secrect to getting your Hotmail on your Pearl. Go to the Browser Options, then choose Browser Configuration. Support javascript and allow javascript popups must be checked. Finally for Emulation Choose MS Pocket IE. You Should now be able to log into your free Hotmail. I also successfully bought the Hotmail Live Plus, and am able to have it synced to my pearl so that I do not have to constantly log in to hotmail to see my mail. Good Luck.

  100. 100 Christopher

    You all are cracked…this post started off 2 years ago and many things have changed.

  101. 101 skyman84

    Not True, I have a std hotmail account and hotmail works fine with the auto configure option on the bis site.

    aswell as many of my friends.

  102. 102 Boris Sidoruk

    Hey You can get your Hot Mail VERY EASY. Go to your browser on your Blackberry and type in and then it comes up in History and bookmarks and you then are on your way to your Hot Mail Account. Very simple.You DO NOT need hotmail plus I pay nothing and this works GREAT. Try It !!!!!!

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