Blackberry 8700 and Its Performance

You have probably already read a bunch of reviews of the Blackberry 8700 but none of them really delve into the performance of the new handheld. One reason may be the lack of 3rd party software which makes performance a non-factor for many but that will change with the 8700 and its new Intel power plant. However, you can always depend on gamers to test out the power of devices, and that’s what QuicklyBored did. QuicklyBored is a new mobile gaming site that had the chance to review the 8700 and give their opinions on how the Intel 312MHZ chip handles gaming. They write,

Combined, all these new elements to the 8700 really up the ante for BlackBerry gaming. The device we were given came with Proteus, a 2D space shooter from Magmic Games, and it receives a much needed boost from the power of the 8700. What was once a slightly dull and sluggish game on the 7100 is now an intense, action packed free-for-all against a continuous onslaught of alien fighters. This game screams; sometimes it’s almost a little too fast.

Are question is how the hell did a new mobile gaming site get their hands on an 8700 before we did?

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  1. 1 George

    I am a Treo 650 owner, but intrigued by the 8700. However, I don’t see anything about additional storage like the SD cards for the Treo. 64MB does not seem near enough. Am I missing something?

    Also, are there 3rd party applications available like Agendus?

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