Intel to Target Mobile Market

Intel said on Wednesday it aimed to reach a double-digit share in the market for chips used in mobile phones within the coming years. Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker, declined to give a figure for the company’s current market share, but analysts have said the figure is in the low single digits.

“We want to grow our market share (in the mobile phone market) to double-digit levels,” Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel, told reporters on the sidelines of an international technology conference in Tunis. “I hope within the next few years to achieve that objective,” he added.

Signals Ahead analyst Mike Thelander forecast that Intel would have an 8.1 percent market share by 2009 in the baseband chip market for WCDMA, a successor to current GSM mobile technology, trailing Nokia, Qualcomm Inc, Freescale Semiconductor Inc and Ericsson Mobile Platform.

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