Managing Your Mailbox Memory

One downside for Blackberry Internet Service users is that your mailbox is limited in size, so you need to be aware of your space usage. Carriers use to give only 10mb of space but thankfully most have raised it to 25mb, which is nice but still not large enough for a lot of people. So we’re force to carefully manage our usage, the easiest way is to setup ‘Auto-aging’. Auto Age is an option in the Web Client that allows you specify a certain time length for older emails to be deleted.

1. On the Home Page, within the BlackBerry Internet Service website for your service provider, click the Manage Folders button in the left pane. Items in the different folders are retained or purged to a schedule that you set.

2. Click one of these folders:
* Inbox
* Deleted Items
* Draft
* Sent Items

3. In the Auto Age section, put a check mark next to Auto Age items older than.

4. In the text box, type a number. For example, 30.

5. From the drop-down list, select Days, Weeks, or Months.

6. Click Save and Close. The option is saved. From now on, mail older than 30 days will be moved from the Inbox to the Deleted Items folder.

* We recommend to setup auto-aging on your inbox folder and setup a seperate folder where you will place important emails so they will not get automatically deleted.

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