Mini Opera Browser For The Blackberry

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is the mobile version of the popular Opera web browser, which is available for many mobile devices including the Blackberry handhelds. What’s great about Opera Mini is that it uses an inbetween proxy server that strips and formats the regular website, optimizing it for mobile platforms which makes browsing faster and saves on data cost. It has all the regular features expected of a browser, such as bookmarks, browsing history, and ability to split large pages into smaller sections for faster browsing.

Best of all, Opera Mini is free.

To download visit the following site on your Blackberry:

* Note, users running 4.0+ will have issues installing Opera Mini for the Blackberry, you will get a JAD error. What you need to do is find the link for the ‘Low memory version’ and install that version. We have already contacted Opera regarding this error.

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Opera Mini
Opera Mini
Opera Mini
Opera Mini

65 Responses to “Mini Opera Browser For The Blackberry”

  1. 1 Keith

    the website is not mobile.

    When i go to download any version, it says it is a 0 byte file and does not download.

  2. 2 Choi

    The link to the download page of Opera mini is _not_, but rather

    From this page you will be able to download Opera mini for you blackberry device.

  3. 3 BBCool


    You need to select the low version, the default link they gave you doesn’t work in OS 4.0 and above. You may want to try to contact Opera to see if they can fix their JAD file.

  4. 4 Keith

    It does not matter which version i try and load, when the download module starts on my blackberry it says the file size is 0.

    I have downloaded the program and all the tests came back ok.

    I do not understand why i can’t install it.

    I tried, low version, high version and the link they offer.

    Still no go.

    Can someone host this file elsewhere?

  5. 5 max

    i got
    uncaught exception

    on a 7290

  6. 6 Keith

    The link now works properly. the size is 76416 bytes.

    I am now loading opera mini on my 7100t.

  7. 7 Ed S.

    I also got:

    uncaught exception

    on a 7100g V4.0.0.219

  8. 8 Taylor

    Controls are kind of odd to figure out.

  9. 9 Jim


    I also got “uncaught exception - java.lang.illegalAccessExecption” on my 7750 v4.0.0.171.

    I did some quick searches on the web but I did not turn up anything that hinted at a solution to this. Who knows how to address this?

  10. 10 Keith

    This is running properly on my 7100t however it is dreadfully slow. It takes anywhere from 15-30 seconds to intially load. Then it takes about 10 seconds or more to load a site. I am in the US.

    IMHO it is not worth downloading. I am removing it from my bb now.

  11. 11 CrazyTerabyte

    Send feedback about Opera Mini to:

  12. 12 Brian

    I downloaded and installed without any issues. My only question is how do you navigate within the browser. I click the wheel and it gives me a “close” option. Anybody figure this out?

  13. 13 Keith

    You navigate with the main page. The main mini opera page is your navigation. it is a proxy basically.

  14. 14

    vThe regular version runs like a pig on TMO 7100t. We’re talking a full minute just to get the browser to run, and 10 seconds to shut it down.

    I downloaded the “low memory” version and it was identical. Really slow loading of pages.

    Navigation seems to be an afterthought. Either that, or they havent really taken 7100 users into account yet as we dont have a bi-directional joystick or anything.

    I’d love to see a better a better browser than the one that comes equipped with the phone. But at least so far, Opera mini is not it.The regular version runs like a pig on TMO 7100t. We’re talking a full minute just to get the browser to run, and 10 seconds to shut it down.

    I downloaded the “low memory” version and it was identical. Really slow loading of pages.

    Navigation seems to be an afterthought. Either that, or they havent really taken 7100 users into account yet as we dont have a bi-directional joystick or anything.

    I’d love to see a better a better browser than the one that comes equipped with the phone. But at least so far, Opera mini is not it.

  15. 15 Paul Hubbard

    I can’t get either version to download on a 7290/T-M/OS4 device; ‘Error 406: Invalid JAR file’ on both files.


  16. 16 gcopter

    I downloaded it to my 7520.It`s really slow,loading and using it.When it does display the websites it does it better than my Reqwireless or the BB browser.

    It does need more improvement/support.How do I bookmark a page?How can I go back or use history?

    I`m also trying to access the website for OM in my PC but I get a “Page cannot be displayed” message.Guess they are getting swamped with questions :-p

  17. 17 Larry

    I was getting the uncaught exception
    on my Nextel Blackberry 7520, I upgraded to the latest software on the nextel website and that error went away. Now I get a message GPRS/3G Profile, but it does launch.

  18. 18 John

    With the announcement today of a new version of Opera Mini -
    I just tried to d/l v1.1 onto a 7290 with OS4+ and I also got download failed - “907 Invalid JAR”

  19. 19 Phil

    Same for me. I tried downloading for my 7290 with OS4+ and got the Invalid JAR error…

  20. 20 Saif

    Has anyone tried this on 7230. I got a JVD error during installation and gave me a reset option.

  21. 21 Haaziq Mehboob

    I am still unable to download opera mini for my blackberry 7230, and also i want to know that if i have a gprs activated simm can i use internet on my blackberry 7230 with 3.7 version installed on it… i cannot see any browser icon on the blackberry at the moment…

  22. 22 Dave

    Amazingly, it downloaded and ran just fine on my 7290 tonight. Come on in, the surfing’s fine!

  23. 23 Loganathan

    i have installed opera browser in my BB 7100g. but i could not access any webpage. Fro m general browser i could access webpage. But from opera it gives following error.

    “There was a problem connecting. there mght be a problem with your network setup. Please go to Tools>Help> Introduction and perform the connection test….”

  24. 24 spif

    Loganathan, I have the same problem on my 7100t.

  25. 25 Pure Drivel

    runs like a charm on the 8100 pearl

  26. 26 Austin

    Thanks for this software

  27. 27 Marc

    It installed fine, but it won’t open on my blackberry pearl. It starts to look for a network then it gives me an error message.

  28. 28 dave

    Same problem as Marc..
    well similar.. It installed fine, but it starts to look for a network and then nothing happens.. no error.. just goes to my phone log.

  29. 29 Knut

    I also had some error messages getting it started, but after a retry it worked smoothly on the Pearl, except that after some time Opera interferes with the tethered modem function, requiring the Network connection to be disconnected and then reconnected.

  30. 30 roupz

    plz tell me how to install .jar files on my blackberry 7290 it says error while trying to install through my BB desktop manager

  31. 31 Anonymous

    Hmmmmm the program runs tests on my blackberry and cancels due to connection failure… Opera 4 seems like an awesome browser but i can only download 3. I personally feel opera browser 3.1 is the same as the built in blackberry browser…

  32. 32 jay

    I have downloaded every version of this thing…restarted 10 times…tried every APN combination out there…this thing can not find a connection for some reason. I have the pearl, T-mobile with unlimited internet and the defult browsers fine but how come some say “it works like a charm” and others have a cursed phone or something? Is there a legitimate answer or does this program just decide to work on some phone but not other? lol wtf..

  33. 33 BlackBerry Cool

    Honestly, Jay, I haven’t been able to get it work on my 8800 at all, despite best efforts, so you’re not alone.

  34. 34 john smith

    I loaded the large version on my BB 8300 and did not notice any improvement in interface over BB’s browser. The opera browser almost every time i entered in a new webpage to visit. On top of this, the interface isn’t intuitive. I deleted the program from my BB. Waste of time!

  35. 35 davec

    I have a 7105t and downloaded the opera mini app, tried to load it and it says could not find an internet connection, but my device is internet ready and is, in fact, connected to the internet … any suggestions out there???

  36. 36 mistrb


    I got the same error. When I ran the software again, it connected to the internet with no problem.

  37. 37 Stan

    Loaded Opera mini on my Pearl 8100 (running - do I need a low memory version

    When I try to run it asks me to click on OK but I have no way of doing this - help!!!!!!

  38. 38 MV

    Same as Stan. On my curve the low memory version installed but I’m not able to get past the EULA. What am I missing?

  39. 39 MeX

    Ive download both regular mini version a beta 4.0 and neither will conect to de internet. Its odd because my original browser in BLACKBERRY pearl works fine. Any ideas why opera mini wont conncect?

  40. 40 khan

    Hi all .. .. i’ve got a wierd problem .. .. downloaded the opera browser, installed it on the bb and ran it .. . .it worked fine but when i start it, it undergoes some tests initially and then says “connection failure” means it does not detect any connection. I am not on a BES but i have gprs access and it works fine on other mobiles. I have entered the apn, username and password in the tcp settings of bb and ppl say it should work but it doesnt .. .. could somebody please tell me the solution ??

    Thanks !!

  41. 41 roar

    wont work on my Pearl!! says it failed to connect to internet!

  42. 42 James McIntosh

    Take out the battery and put it back in after you have saved the APN.

  43. 43 Mickey

    I feel like I am going in circles.

    I go to and the site tells me to go to with the existing web browser on my phone.

    When I go to with my phone it tells me to go to

    I also tried downloading and loading through my pc, and it will not load.

    Tried SMS, and they send a link to

  44. 44 Frances

    Hi guys,

    I’ve downloaded this, it works brilliantly - I just have one query. In gmail I cannot ‘click’ on my messages to open them - I can see all the previews but how do I select them?

    Thanks in advance for your help :)


  45. 45 ken

    Frances- why not just download the gmail program for your bb? I love the bb gmail and gchat apps. =)

    Does anyone know how I can use GPS on my 8800 with verizon? Is it a free service? Thanks.

  46. 46 chuck

    Ken u have to go to the blackberry home page and download it. And, no its not free unless it is offered my your service provider.
    It too am havin a prob with opera. I do everything the site says but it only gives me a zip file and it won’t download. Any suggestion?

  47. 47 hoangstb


  48. 48 cora

    Hi,I also have GPRS on BB 7290 with v. Can’t watch videos on YouTube with BB browser. What do I need to do? Will OperaMini browser let me watch videos on my BB 7290? I’m a newbie and hearing-impaired.I have unlimited data access;T-Mobile as provider thru Thanks for any help. (My first time to visit this site too.Read most of your comments which I find great so I wondered if I can find answers to my questions also.

  49. 49 minas

    I see that some of you are having probles with the operamini 4.0

    go to this site and see what you have to do to connect and that the brouwers can work
    follow this link it work best on my Blackberry 8700g

  50. 50 robert


    Does anyone know why Opera mini doesn’t work on my blackberry pearl however the original BB browser works just fine? The strange thing is that Y! go works fine too. BTW, I have the basic t-zone + blackberry email plan with tmobile .


  51. 51 Juston

    Downloaded it to my blackberry pearl, works great so far. Verizon is my carrier.

  52. 52 anon

    blackberry pearls suck, get a curve you cheep fucks

  53. 53 THUONG


  54. 54 Curt

    Anon u anus…I got the pearl cuz I dont like em huge smartphones.
    And yes i think that the curve is huge.
    Some of my friends have the curve and some of us the pearl, those of us that hv the pearl choose it because of its size.
    Only the iPhone is worht a bigger size. hehhe. tc

  55. 55 James Tolson

    This is to Anon the little person that talks big. You like to cuss huh? It makes you feel like a big person? Strong? Smart? Well why dont you learn how to spell first, thats how most people judge your standing as an adult by your smarts.

  56. 56 mark

    just downloaded the new opera mini beta to my pearl. it runs fast and smooth, but i can’t figure out where the ‘tools’ button is. i understand that i need to find it in order to configure my homepage, layout etc. but where the hell is it?
    (8130 verizon)

  57. 57 jojo

    HI guys, I just loaded the opera mini onto my blackberry 7290 and during the installation there seems to be a firewall problem. I really tried everything and I cannot access Internet via the BB Browser. Help!

  58. 58 titch

    Wait till the end of tge yeae and mozzila will be launching their mobile solution.

  59. 59 ip2096

    Downloaded v4.1, and works smoothly with my T-mobile BB 8320. A lot better than the BB built-in browser. Will check Mozilla’s mobile version once available.

  60. 60 chikwado val simon

    I downloaded opera mini on my Nokia 9300 any time i want to log onto the internet it keeps telling me connection problem.
    i checked the connection setting it was perfect but keps telling me same thing.

  61. 61 Mark

    Opera Mini works great on my 8320 curve. It’s a full blown browser! Very fast on the Edge network and even faster on WiFi.

  62. 62 Kiogi

    got the opera on a blackberry 7130g but have problems with scrollin n selectin stuff!!!

  63. 63 Bill Q

    I successfully downloaded the program to my Blackberry 8330 Curve (CDMA Sprint version), but cannot find an Accept button to accept the license agreement. Is there a special key I use or am I just not seeing the Accept button? Unless I get beyond the License agreement, I can’t use the program.

  64. 64 Thomas

    @Bill Q:

    Just click the menu key (the one with the BlackBerry logo) to accept the license agreement.



  65. 65 Jones

    Make sure your have full bb plan and not just “web to go” by t-mobile….sometimes those dont work with application running.

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