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NTP wins 30-day extension to file case in patent row with RIM


NTP Inc has won a 30-day extension from the US Patent and Trademark Office, giving it more time to file a defense of patents at the center of its long-running battle with BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion Ltd (RIM), the Wall Street Journal reported.

In its online edition, the newspaper said the delay gives NTP lawyers more time to respond to the patent office’s rejection of some of its patent claims.

The claims are key to a court dispute that could lead to the shutdown of the BlackBerry wireless email service in the US.

A US court is set to consider imposing a US ban on Blackberry at a hearing after Feb 1. RIM said it has developed ‘workaround’ technology to bypass a possible injunction.

A patent-office spokesman said the office is re-examining NTP’s case and will issue a decision within six to 10 weeks.

Microsoft CTO Used A Blackberry


Ray OzzieYou may be familiar with Ray Ozzie, he is Microsoft’s CTO and was the original creator of Lotus Notes. Earlier this year he made some major news when a leaked Microsoft memo from Ray Ozzie described some of the mistakes his company has made in recent years, one of them not pursuing RIM’s push email space earlier. What’s interesting is that Ray Ozzie use to used a Blackberry himself months ago, he writes on his blog,

I look forward to using more and more Windows Mobile devices. Months ago I pulled the plug on my blackberry and went cold turkey to an HTC Typhoon-class device. A great device that is much more useful for triaging email than I’d imagined, but I really do need a thumb keyboard. As of last week I’m now using/testing the upcoming Treo 700w, and it’s great! The pipeline of cool devices about to emerge is stunning, and the software platform incomparable. Much to look forward to, and many new ideas for Jack as to what we might do with these devices’ capabilities…

He fully admits that the form function of the Blackberry is much better and that Windows Mobile will not succeed until they get a device with one. It’s an interesting tidbit because many people thought Palm approached Microsoft to put Windows Mobile on their upcoming Treo 700w, but it may have been the other way around.

Winners & Losers for 2005


As the year comes to an end and the news slows down, it allows us to reflect on what was 2005 for RIM and other wireless companies. This year seem to be a coming out party for wireless email devices. This new trend of convergence of email/phone/PDA made for some big winners and also some losers, here’s our list for 2005.


RIM: RIM started the year with 2 million subscribers but that has quickly grown to over 6 million this year. Even with all the patent infringement issues and media predicting doom and gloom, RIM’s momentum seems to be unstoppable. They’ve signed up dozens of new carriers and released new Blackberry devices like the 8700 that take advantage of high speed wireless broadband. There also seems to be no signs of slowing down either in their latest financial report, so our guess is that 2006 will probably be another great year for RIM.

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RIM’s Case The Catalyst For Patent Reform


Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about how broken down the patent system is, examples like Amazon patenting a “1-click” checkout or ActiveBuddy who successfully patented instant messaging in 2002. Both of these patents had something called “prior art” which means they should have not been granted because the technology has already been readily available. Anyone that used ICQ during its popularity would tell you that, but somehow it went unnoticed at the patent office.

Now the difference with all these busted technology patents was that it really didn’t affect the common people. It was mainly nerds and geeks who made some noise about these illegitimate patents. That’s where RIM’s case with NTP is different, not only does it affect the nerds and geeks, but the everyday 3 million American Blackberry users. Business people, lawyers, doctors, politicians are now paying close attention to what the USPTO does.

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SearchCRM has some harsh words for RIM, naming it one of the top losers for 2005. If you were to consider RIM’s stock, then yes it may have been battered this year from a previous high of 90-something to $67 todays. However, RIM is still posting thousands of new customers every quarter and shipments of their handhelds have been on a steady rise through out this year. Not to mention that the new Blackberry 8700 is one sweet device. SearchCRM’s biggest gripe is the pending lawsuit with NTP, saying RIM’s “reputation has been so badly tarnished that several competitors, including Microsoft, are announcing alternative mobile operating systems.”

Newsflash, Microsoft, Palm, Good, Visto and others are competing because they see the lucrative market for mobile email. Not because RIM is having some legal issues.

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Ask Us! SOS Is Indicated


BlackBerry SOSGeorge asked us,

For some reason my BlackBerry is now showing ‘SOS’ where the reception bar indicators use to show. No emails are received and I can’t place any calls.

The SOS indicates that you can only place emergency calls. Usually this means that you have a bad SIM card in your device, either one that has been corrupted or one from another carrier that is not compatible with your BlackBerry. You will either need to replace the SIM with a SIM from the carrier of your handheld or get your BlackBerry unlock. This feature is actually something that the carriers don’t really advertise. Where you are able to place emergency calls to 911, even if you don’t have a carrier account, just need a working cell phone.