EasyReach Betting on the Blackberry


EasyReach provides a remote desktop search service that enables you to instantly find any file or e-mail on your work and home PCs using a BlackBerry, smart phone or internet browser. The company was started by John W. Stossel in April 2005, who previous founded Dry Creek Software that he sold to Intellisync. Through the company’s acquisition, he became an executive at Intellisync, ironic seeing how they are a competitor of RIM. Even though they have a HTML client, their main focus is the Blackberry.

The California company since now has been totally funded by angel investors, a testament to the investor’s confidence of the Blackberry becoming a profitable platform. Next year will be a good indicator on whether the Blackberry will entice developers to the platform. With the 8700 that comes with an Intel 312mhz processor and EDGE there are no more excuses of Blackberrys being slow.

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