Blackberry 7100 Shortcut Keys


These shortcuts can be used while writing or editing text in any application:

* To scroll horizontally, hold the Alt key and roll the trackwheel.
* To select the accents, symbols, or marks associated with a letter or letters on the key, press and hold the letter and roll the trackwheel. When the desired character appears in the ribbon of characters, highlight it and click the trackwheel to select it.
* To select text, press the Shift key and roll the trackwheel. The Shift key is shown below.

Shift key
* To copy selected text, press the Alt key and click the trackwheel.
* To paste text in an editable field, press the Shift key and click the trackwheel.
* To insert an accent, symbol or another mark, press the Symbol key. To select a symbol, highlight it with the cursor and click the trackwheel or press the associated letter below the symbol.
* To capitalize a letter, hold it down. The Key Rate option must be enabled from Options > Screen/Keyboard.
* To insert a period when typing text, press the Space key twice. The letter following the period will be capitalized automatically.
* To insert the @ symbol in an email address, press the Space key. Pressing the Space key after typing the rest of the address inserts a dot in an email address.