How To Pair Bluetooth Devices with Your Blackberry

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In order to pair a BlackBerry device with a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth device must be in pairing mode. Most Bluetooth devices are not set to pairing mode by default. Therefore, refer to your Bluetooth device manual for instructions on how to set the device to pairing mode.

1. On the BlackBerry device, in the device options, click Bluetooth.

2. Click the trackwheel and click Add Device. The Select Device list appears and lists devices that are in range and available to be paired.

Note: Only devices that are in range and are in pairing mode will appear in the available device list.

3. Click the device to which you are pairing. The Enter passkey dialog appears.

4. Enter the passkey to authenticate the device. Most Bluetooth devices contain a hardcoded passkey. See your Bluetooth device manual for the passkey.

  • Ladyjanere
    i have very poor cell coverage at home so i purchased a home phone that will pair with my blackberry storm. the instructions call for entering the base pin# into the BB. how do i do that?
  • DV
    how to get the passkey
  • tom
    i have black berry curve and its paired with othe phone but says transfer failed
    please help
  • Ali
    Trying To Pair My BBerry w/ My BMW 325i Bluetooth Phone System . . . It's Searching And Pairing . . . But Having Issues With The "Passcode" On My BBerry??? I've Never Set One Up And My BBerry Is Acting As If I Have??? Any Ideas . . . Sprint Can't Help Me :c( HHEEELLLLLLPPPPP Please!
  • Pairing BB w/ BT
    Try Passcode 0000
  • Mike
    Can more than one bluetooth device be discovered at the same time on BlackBerry
  • apintoi
    I have a Blackberry Bolt 9000, I try to pair with my MAC computer and other Cellular Phones and was impossible. The message send by other device is ''there was an error connecting'' or ''the device does not have the necessary services''. What can I do?, About your experiences, what do you recommend to me to do?
  • suyog
    how should i transfer contacts from nokia n79 to blackberry 8520 ????
  • jeango
    Initial pairing of my blackberry storm was successful for about 2 days, now
    it says Blackberry server connection is not connected.
  • pete1231
    I have tried to pair my storm with two different devices and it detects the device but is unable to pair.

    I tried removing the battery but it didn't work. What now?
  • Will
    How do I get it to pair with my new balckberry(other was crushed)?
  • Will
    How do I get it to pair with my new balckberry(other was crushed)?
  • juzer
    I m tryin to receive data frm sony fone but can't receive on my bb9000 fone get paired but cnt get thrw ny ways I can do....
  • lester
    I have a Black Berry 8130 pearl have it paired with Garmin 265T seven out of ten times they find each other the rest of the time I have to connect manualy, any ideas?
  • confuzed
    I bought my boyfriend a bluetooth headset for dummies and it didnt come with instructions. He is trying to pair it with a blackberry storm.
    Any help would be appreciated!!!
  • yonboy
    Hi, I have a BB8100 pearl and everytime I try to pair it with my car bluetooth (audi) it fails . In the car manual it says that the sim card security has to be enabled, but I dont know to do this.
    Any help? Thanks
  • Sk. Mahtab Ali Raju
    To use bluetooth in Blackberry 8830 first go to in media -> then go to type-> (If picture then go to Pictures then my picture)->then option -> use send using bluetooth or receive using bluetooth. For more help pls call me +8801911447013
  • mrkhan12
    Thanks Boss. Now I can use my Blackberry 8830 Bluetooth.
  • paula
    I am trying to pair a Blackberry 8900 to the HS830 Bluetooth device.
    I know the passcode is 0000. But the Blackberrry is not detecting the HS830 at all. It detects other Bluetooth items, but not this one. There is nothing wrong with the HS830 as the little blue light flashes and we can pair it to another phone.

    Please heeeeeelp.
  • Paul
    to get the passkey you need to go on your laptop or computer and click “set up new blutooth device” once it finds your phone it will give you the passkey for it.

    Question. If the computer does not find the phone does that mean the blue tooth device you are using is not the correct one? I set everything up and my phone is locating the computer but it is asking me for a passkey. I do not have this number. But I called HP and they said that the computer should find the phone and you enter the same pass key for both the computer and the phone and it will pair. The phone is finding the computer but I don't think the computer is finding the phone. I purchased a Rocketfish Bluetooth adapter from bestbuy.
  • Paul
    my plug on my blackberry is broken and I am looking for a bluetooth adapter that will allow me to download my contact wirelessly from my phone to my computer.
  • Robin
    Trying to pair a Motorola HS850 with my Blackberry. Finds the device, and accepts the passcode. However it then appears to be waiting for the headset respond and finally times out without pairing. Can anyone help me with this?
  • Tameka
    How do I send music from one blackberry to another one? WE both have the 8380. HELP
  • shane
    the delault passcode for most headsets is 0000 I have like 5 diff types of headsets and 0000 works for all
  • Elmar Stellnberger
    In recently shipped bluetooth packages there has been introduced a new bug in asking for the passphrase; see:
  • Beau
    I used 0000 for my blackberry 8330...this has been very helpful


  • ????? ???????
    ?????? ???????? ???????, ???? ?????????????, ???????????… ???? ?? ????, ??? ???????… ????? ?????, ????? ???????? ???????????.
  • lindsey
    i have a tmobile blackberry pearl and i unlocked it an am using it for at&t. i cant get anything to work! the bluetooth doesnt work and the internet doesnt work
  • Nabil
    I have the same problem like you have mixyme, I can send files from my blackberry 8100 but I cannot recieve files at all from any device, Don`t know what to do, many thanks if any one could help to what to do.
  • nixyme
    hi I also have the problem of 'connection failed' when i try to send a file from my paired samsung phone to my blackberry bold. The strange thing is i have no problem sending files from the blackerry to the samsung!!
    Any ideas?
  • jen
    How do you turn on the bluetooth so you can add it
  • Kelly H
    You guys are right about the passkey code. It IS indeed 0000. I have a new curve and could not get the bluetooth to sync so I came on here. It worked! Thank you so much.
  • GeekSquad1
    If you need your passkey go to the place you got your backberry---bestbuy is okay, too---and ask what you need to do, they will come up with something!
  • Jimmy
    how do you connect your blackberry curve to computer with bluetooth?
  • carly
    k so i can pair my blackberry with other devices
    but after that i cant seem to send or receive files
    what do i do?
  • Mark F
    I was unable to pair my 220 Playtronics Bluetooth with my new BB Curve, It was previously paired with my old BB Curve; Solution: You need to turn on Bluetooth and hold button down until the light flashed Red & Blue, about 10 seconds, this releases previous pairing with previous phone, I then went to my new BB and added the Bluetooth.
    Code for Playtronic devices I believe is always 0000. Hopes this helps someone in BlackBerry Land
  • Bevstp
    Thanks Mark!!!!! I was stuck in the BlackBerry hole and now I can conduct business while operating a motor vehicle "legally"

  • Sam
    on most blackberry pearls or any phone for that matter,the passcode is 1234
  • Blayne
    So I figured it out! When pairing the devices the passkey should be the same for if u put 2222 on the first device put 2222 on your Blackberry and they will be paired! Yay! Lol
  • Kim
    try passkey 0000
  • Jillian
    Hi, I am trying to pair my laptop with my 8800 - 0000 is not the passkey it is looking for... Can anyone help? Thx!
  • Ououi
    i've paired my blackberry and nokia but i still can't send or recieve stuff..! anyone solutions pleaseee!!
  • john
    yes. 0000 for the passcode works for syncing the headset and blackberry.
  • susan
    jessica i'm having the same problem
    i dont know what to do either....very annoying
  • Jessica
    hy..if any1 would help would b great..every time i try to send sumthing 2 my blackberry 8110 it always says.."connection failed"..ive tried it like on 4 different fones...can any1 help??? thnx
  • Derrell Victory
    The passcode can be whatever digits you want. I do believe you have to have at least 4 numbers, and just make sure that you input them the same for both devices. 0000 is always the easiest.
  • Esi
    Ive been unable to find my passkey in the manual.I use a blackberry 8100,could i plse have it sent to my inbox.Thank you
  • Judy
    I just paired my jawbone bluetooth with my Blackberry 8830 and the static is horrific. Anyone have a way to fix this?
  • Spy
    When attempting to pair two blackberry pearl 8100 phones, must BOTH phone settings be set to "Discoverable"?
  • Slim
    I have a blackberry curve and cannot pair it to a nokia bh800. I entered passcode, enabled bluetooth and then I try to CONNECT says it a waiting for BH-800. And it stays that way. Bluetooth lights indicates it is paired.
  • Amanda
    I have the Blackberry Curve and I paired the HS830 Bluetooth using the passcode 0000. I believe this is the passcode to all bluetooth headsets.....don't hold me to it but try it.
  • New to cell phones
    I got a refurb BB7290 and Plantronics Explorer 330 bluettoth headset. I charged the Plantronics for 2 hours. Turned both BB7290 and Plantronics on. The plantronics said to hold call button in 6 seconds until blue and red lights are on. I sat Plantronics next to BB. Scrolled to options bluetooth..selected enabled..and it recognized the Plantronics 330..and simply asked for the passkey. I keyed the passkey no problem. Usually passkey is four zeros. I did not have to use capitals etc to get to numbers. I did not have to log into internet. it was simple for me and I've never owned a cell phone. I was able to do this with no sim in phone. Thanks for posting the instructions. IT WORKED!
  • Nat Hart
    I cannot pair my blackburry 8800 with another bluethooth phone (samsung D600E). Please help
  • Robert
    My 8703 seems only to accept numeric entries for passkey.
    How do I switch it to alpha for entering the passkey?
  • Julia
    to get the passkey you need to go on your laptop and click "set up new blutooth device" once it finds your phone it will give you the passkey for it
  • Steve
    Hi, Have a VE Holden and pairing with Blackberry Curve. Has worked for a week and now when cinnected have no radio. Always says (voice in) on Radio as if Blackberry is continually sending info. Only way to stop is to turnoff Blue Tooth.
  • Brittany
    I have the 8830 and the passcode 0000 did work!
  • joel brumbach
    how do i automatically pair with my car once i have set it up...every time i get in the car it always asks if i want to....i just want it to?
  • Abraham
    how do i get a pass key for bluetooth
    blackberry 8100 headset
  • Angel
    try using 0000 as passkey
  • Woodsby
    How do I submit an empty passkey on a blackberry 8830? Everytime I try to hit enter it toggles between numeric and alphanumeric prompts.
  • king wells
    need to pair blackberry with bluetooth car nkit
  • king wells
    how can i get pass code for bluetooth
  • N Lee
    How can I get a pass code for my bluetooth
  • s
    and if you dont have the manual how can you know the passkey?
  • Brad ONeal
    I added a device and it does not appear in paired devices and no new devices is displayed if i try to add the device again. Any suggestions? blackberry 7290
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