Microsoft sued by Visto


Talk about guts, just a day after Visto announced their license agreement with NTP, they have came out with their own patent infringement case against Microsoft. This move just reeks of something rotten, because remember with the licensing deal, NTP also invested money into Visto. So was this move all NTP because they couldn’t sue Microsoft themselves because it would of made them even look more like greedy bastards or was it Visto’s initiative because they know NTP has some good patent lawyers? We obviously can’t say for sure and everything is speculative but if you ask us, it just doesn’t look right.

Visto said that it wants a permanent injunction against Microsoft. CEO Brian Bogosian said: “Microsoft has a long and well documented history of acquiring the technology of others, branding it is as their own, and entering new markets.”

He alleged in a statement that: “For their foray into mobile email and data access, Microsoft simply decided to misappropriate Visto’s well known and documented patent technology.”

The law case was filed in a Texas court and covers patents numbered 6,085,192; 6,708,221; and 6,151,606.

Visto licenses its technology to a number of big players including Cingular, Sprint Nextel, Rogers Wireless and others.