Releases New Blackberry Games

Comments, the Internet’s #1 Casino, has released a new set of exciting games for your RIM Blackberry 7000 series device. A while back, we did a write-up on’s BlackJack game for RIM Blackberry 7000 devices. At the time, we were quite satisfied with the graphics and game experience based on a real-time data wireless connection to their game server.

Since then, has moved forward with a comprehensive series of enhancements with Toronto-partner Phantom Fiber Corporation to allow players to enjoy their games wirelessly for real money or for fun. Since our last article, has implemented Multi-currency support for the mobile games so that players can wager in US Dollars, UK Pounds, and even Euros. Because gambling is an international phenomenon on the Internet, there are many players who play their games from around the world. At time of this writing, supports three major currencies which cover a large chunk of the gambling market. The reasons for this support are obvious. Many players would to prefer to play in their local currency because it is less costly with exchange rates and transaction settlement in the local currency. In addition to multiple currency support, offers multiple cashier funding options for their mobile games and even allows players to create new account registrations through their mobile application. Very convenient.

As we mentioned previously, players only need to use one account and password to play Golden Palace Mobile games or games on their desktop PC. Since launching BlackJack for RIM Blackberry 7000 devices,’s has been working hard with the release of the following new games for RIM Blackberry 7000 series devices such as:

* Win A Million Dollars Slots
* Jacks or Better Video Poker
* Baccarat

New games on the horizon for RIM Blackberry 7000 series devices include:

* Keno
* European Roulette

Well-recognized for its zany marketing and public relations flair, Golden Palace has also been well-recognized for its more uncommon games that few others can match for its “WOW” factor. An example would be Win a Million Dollars Slots (, an exciting new game from which allows plays a chance to win $1 million dollars if they obtain a winning symbol combination by spinning the reels. To learn about payouts on a RIM Blackberry 7000 device, players can access the Paytable by pressing the click-wheel to launch a menu selection for “Paytable” which highlights all the winning combinations available to the player. To win, players need to bet the maximum coin value on all five paylines. Complete game rules can be found on the RIM Blackberry mobile application or Golden Palace’s standard PC/Flash/Java applications.

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