Caffeine Finder comes out of Beta

Greystripe, a creator of mobile local search applications, has launched Caffeine Finder, a free application for coffee lovers to find their next cup of coffee. Just one click from the BlackBerry handset immediately finds, maps, and lists the coffee shops nearest you, wherever you may be. Visit to register and to download the application directly on to a BlackBerry handset from Research In Motion.

“BlackBerry handsets provide a rich user experience with a robust application development platform that allows Greystripe to develop mobile search applications that are fast, fun and easy to use,” says Andy Choi, CTO of Greystripe. “It was an easy choice to make BlackBerry our first launch platform.”

Finding a cafe in any unfamiliar location is as easy as launching the Caffeine Finder application from your BlackBerry handset, picking a cafe from a ‘Nearest List’, and then clicking Caffeine Finder for a map, directions, a review, and the address. And if you use Nextel’s network, you can also take advantage of the automatic GPS location functions built right into the BlackBerry 7520™ and the new BlackBerry 7100i™.

* Find a cup of coffee from over 45,000 locations
* Easy and fast to use – one click to the nearest coffee
* Integrated into the BlackBerry Address Book, Phone and Email applications
* See photo’s of over 4,000 Starbucks locations before you visit
* Get directions and high quality maps to help you get to your destination
* Read and write reviews of the café
* Get fun coffee facts from “The Coffee Book” by Nina Luttinger and Gregory Dicum

“BlackBerry is used by businesses, government and individuals to enable communications, productivity and convenience,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate, Marketing at Research In Motion. “Greystripe is leveraging the power of the BlackBerry wireless platform to offer additional value-added applications to millions of people across the country and further increase the flexibility and convenience enabled by owning a BlackBerry handset.”

“This is a fantastic application for BlackBerry! Now I never have to call 411 to find a Starbucks when I am on the road.” says Dave Mabe, the author of a book on BlackBerry offering tips and tricks for users, IT managers and developers.

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