BlackBerry Top 50 Gadget of Past 50 Years


50 Greatest has ranked the Blackberry #14 of the top gadgets of the past 50 years. They say,

Canadian firm Research in Motion didn’t invent e-mail, wireless data networks, the handheld, or the QWERTY keyboard. But with the little BlackBerry, along with server software that made e-mail appear on it without any effort from the recipient, RIM put it all together in a way that even nontechie executives could appreciate-and thereby opened the eyes of corporate America to the potential of wireless communications. So addictive that some call them CrackBerries, RIM’s ubiquitous e-mail communicators-especially their high-res displays and small yet serviceable thumb keyboards-have forever changed the design aesthetic for personal digital assistants, while their approach to e-mail has become the standard by which all connected handhelds are measured.

The Sony Walkman ranked first if you were wondering, you can read the entire list here …