Names RIM one of Top 2005 Losers


SearchCRM has some harsh words for RIM, naming it one of the top losers for 2005. If you were to consider RIM’s stock, then yes it may have been battered this year from a previous high of 90-something to $67 todays. However, RIM is still posting thousands of new customers every quarter and shipments of their handhelds have been on a steady rise through out this year. Not to mention that the new Blackberry 8700 is one sweet device. SearchCRM’s biggest gripe is the pending lawsuit with NTP, saying RIM’s “reputation has been so badly tarnished that several competitors, including Microsoft, are announcing alternative mobile operating systems.”

Newsflash, Microsoft, Palm, Good, Visto and others are competing because they see the lucrative market for mobile email. Not because RIM is having some legal issues.

Read the whole article here …

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