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BlackBerry SOSGeorge asked us,

For some reason my BlackBerry is now showing ‘SOS’ where the reception bar indicators use to show. No emails are received and I can’t place any calls.

The SOS indicates that you can only place emergency calls. Usually this means that you have a bad SIM card in your device, either one that has been corrupted or one from another carrier that is not compatible with your BlackBerry. You will either need to replace the SIM with a SIM from the carrier of your handheld or get your BlackBerry unlock. This feature is actually something that the carriers don’t really advertise. Where you are able to place emergency calls to 911, even if you don’t have a carrier account, just need a working cell phone.

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  1. 1 Tony Kelleran

    What carrier is George with? I have a number of users who get SIM Card Rejected errors all the time or an SOS singal. These devices have typically been our 7280s with ATT Wireless SIM cards. I’ve heard that replacing these with Cingular SIMs helps. I’ve started ordering these for my 7280s.

  2. 2 Bill

    I can only assume that George has performed resets on his blackberry to force the device to reset it self. I woul not automatically assume bad SIM card with SOS error. Try a reset, soft them hard if needed, then wait for it to cycle back to CAP GPRS (or EDGE if he is sporting the 8700)..

  3. 3 Diana

    I have the same SOS error on my blackberry with an additional message of SIM Card Rejected - can I assume that a new SIM card is needed?

    Thank you

  4. 4 devonk

    Today, many Cingular/AT&T Wireless blackberrys (including the 8700c) had the SOS indicator. Cingular says it is a “nationwide outage.” Blackberrys were down from 8AM to 11AM E.S.T.

    If you get the SOS, its best to call your provider and tell them “you suck” in a nice way. :)

  5. 5 Greg

    When my 7280 displays SOS I turn it off and back on. Remember these things are mini pc’s and we all know what you have to do when PC’s “F” up. Reboot!!!

  6. 6 chris

    Rebooting the handset - ie Removing the battery while the device is still on normally resolves the issue with ’sos’ and returns back to ‘GPRS’ as desired.

  7. 7 Brian

    Rebooting the hand set has helped me in the past. Last night I was in a meeting when my bb rang. I turned it off at the top power button. since then I can’t reboot hard or soft with out getting a sim card rejected message.

  8. 8 aojabri

    Now all my phone says is SIM card rejected. Did I fry my SIM and loose all my info? please i what to you open for me if you can do please inform me

  9. 9 Jami

    You guys should make sure your sim card is correctly installed before doing anything drastic!

  10. 10 luis

    i got this phone 7280 blacberry i buy it from some one in those store plus a sim card now i cant made no phone calls only emegency ones why can some one told me why

  11. 11 chris

    “SOS” indicates that the device is outside of coverage area and is in an area where your carrier does not have a roaming agreement.
    Attempt to register the device once you are within the coverage area.
    NOTE: Attempting to register the device on the network may help force a successful attach to “GPRS” or “EDGE”.
    If “SOS” displays on the device and the device is within the coverage area, remove the SIM card from the device, reinsert the SIM card, and power the device back on.
    If the device still does not display “GPRS” or “EDGE”, confirm the Network Selection Mode is set to “Automatic” on the handheld.
    If the device continues to display SOS, please contact your Carrier’s Customer Care.

  12. 12 matthew

    I bought an unlocked blackberry, it had worked perfectly…but yesterday the sos just came up and i can’t make any calls…i changed the sim, and the same thing comes up… any idea what might be happening?

  13. 13 JaeDWelch

    My 8310 says this from time to time, and I’ve basically concluded it’s a signal strength problem. Doesn’t make a -lot- of sense that I have too poor a signal for calls but “Good enough to call for help,” but if I move the BB around and check for bars, usually the SOS goes away and I get a sliver…suggesting I’m just in a bad coverage spot. When the network advances, I’ll be happier I’m sure…my RAZR got better signal strength with its 3G capacity, but I hear phones are getting better every day.

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