Talk about ugly themes … New Blackberry 8700f Revealed

What’s going on with RIM and their graphic designers, the new themes that they have recently released have been downright ugly. This includes themes for the new 7130e from Verizon and Bell, 8700c from Cingular, and now the 8700f from Orange France. Before that, RIM was on a role releasing some nice looking themes for the Rogers 8700r and Nextel’s 7100i. This new 8700f uses grey and orange as a color scheme which reminds us too much of Halloween. Yes, we understand that this is an Orange device but there’s no need to go for Halloween colors. Also, what’s going on with that cartoon guy on the icons, isn’t this a business phone?

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  1. 1 mike

    i like this theme, and really, anything beats the t-mobile 7100 theme.

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