CES Big Event For Microsoft

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The official name of the trade show is “2006 International Consumer Electronics Show” and it takes place in Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2006. While mobile phones and wireless technology are just tiny part of CES unlike 3GSM, it is poised to be a big day even for Microsoft. Some of the scheduled and rumored events are as follow:

* Bill Gates will hold a keynote speach, one of the topics that is rumored to be covered is the new Palm Treo 700w that uses Windows Mobile as the operating system.

* Palm will present Treo 700w Pocket PC phone that will be officially launched on at CES 2006 ! Detailed specifications of Treo 700w will be revealed: although almost everything is already known.

* Motorola will present Motorola Q another Windows Mobile handheld. Most probably only a version for CDMA EVDO will be on show and more details about the mobile operator deal may be disclosed then and you will have to wait after the show for a GSM version.

* Cingular is launching HSDPA network (HSDPA = fast UMTS) in USA and around March 2006 also in Europe operators are launching HSDPA, so several mobile phone manufacturers will be showing off phones with HSDPA. Some of them may be powered by Windows Mobile.

If you had doubts that Microsoft would be a big time player in the wireless industry, then CES 2006 should squash that idea. Interesting times ahead for Microsoft and will also be interesting to see how RIM views them as competitors/non-competitors over the following months.

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