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Auto BCC From BES

When the Auto blind carbon copy (BCC) feature is enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, all messages sent from BlackBerry devices are blind carbon copied to a specified email address unbeknownst to the sender. You can configure multiple mailboxes or email addresses to receive the blind carbon copies of the messages. These settings apply to all users on the specified BlackBerry Enterprise Server. We don’t recommend turning on auto BCC for every BES, but this feature is useful for companies that are required by law to keep a ‘paper trail’.

To setup Auto BCC:

1. In BlackBerry Manager Explorer View, go to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server domain, then select the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for which you would like to enable this feature.

2. Click Edit Properties.

3. In the Messaging section, click Auto BCC Address.

4. You can type in the email address.

5. Close BlackBerry Manager.

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