Weekend Contest ‘Your RIM 2006 Predictions’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Your RIM 2006 Predictions’. Earlier this week we had a post about our predictions for 2006. A few of our predictions was that the NTP/RIM case will not be settled and that one of the smaller push email companies will be bought out. Russell from BBHub also made some predictions which included that RIM will come out with more WiFI devices and that Mike Lazaridis will step back from his Co-CEO role, and be chair of the company.

So for this weekend we’re asking for your own predictions for RIM in 2006. The winner will be rewarded BlackBerry Ring Tone Megaplex, which retails for $19.95 on NeonToad.

4 Responses to “Weekend Contest ‘Your RIM 2006 Predictions’”

  1. 1 Melissa Ox

    I really hope the NTP case gets kicked out and the man in charge of NTP gets thrown in a jail where he is never seen again as an example to all other patent pirates.
    Blackberrys will get cooler and learn new tricks, like MP3 player and Tmobile will get a new blackberry (so I can get one) and update thier current ones to the newest OS.
    People from another planet will land on earth and be able to communicate via the blackberry technoligy only so everyone who has one will be able to talk to them. Everyone else will simply be jealous.
    WiFi is nice, never used it tho. Maybe a new Blackberry with that tiny 4GB hard drive from the show in Las Vegas. And certainly the ability to use memory cards of somekind to add storage.
    Trying to think what else I would like to happen. On a serious note…. not sure much of this will really happen. I agree the NTP case will probably run on for a long time. RIM will have to push forward and come up with new stuff or they will be shoved out of the market by someone else. I think things will start to get better.. with the patents being just about tossed out for NTP the sun is starting to come out. RIM will take advantage and we will see some cool new tricks and toys. I can not wait.

  2. 2 Kyle

    I don’t think the NTP-RIM case will settle anytime soon either. However, it would be interesting if Microsoft buys Visto, the company that is sueing them because NTP has stake in Visto. So it’ll be like Microsoft sueing RIM, and you know how Microsoft is …

  3. 3 Steven

    I am thinking that NTP WILL settle and will NOT get the full 1bill. I think the 8700 Will roll out for VZ, TMO and Sprint… I also hope to see more interesting products with the full keyboard, and less with the 7100 type keyboard.

    Love Live BLACKBERRY!!!

  4. 4 thurston

    RIM will push out more EDGE and 3G devices. Unfortunately these will be variations or extensions of their current products. These devices will be faster and may be prettier than the current offerings, but will offer very little if any new functionality.

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