BlackBerry Enterprise Server Installation Service Launched by Consilient


Consilient today announced installation services for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The service covers both new installations of BlackBerry Enterprise Server and upgrade services for enterprises requiring the latest version of BES. All email platforms that integrate with BlackBerry are supported including MS Exchange and Lotus Notes. Consilient’s service is also available to carriers and network operators with customers requiring installation of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Consilient’s installation service integrates the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with an organization’s email platform. There are multiple configurations of BlackBerry Enterprise Server which can result in different levels of scalability and user rights. Working with system administrators who deploy the BlackBerry solution in their organizations, Consilient can install the server and walk administrators through all installation options associated with BlackBerry Enterprise Server or train administrations on the installation and various options allowing the administrators to install at a later date.

“Consilient’s decision to offer BES installation services grew out of our experience integrating the BlackBerry solution for IMAP4 severs,” said Judy Hearn, Director of Customer Services. “System administrators turn to Consilient to provide BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation and maintenance support,” Hearn added.

In addition to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Installation service, Consilient delivers courses on the BlackBerry solution for end users and administrators. BlackBerry training courses include:

* BlackBerry Handheld Training
* BlackBerry for Executives
* Lotus Notes BES 2.2: Advanced Administration
* Lotus Notes BES 4.0: Advanced Administration
* Lotus Notes BES 4.0: Installation and Administration
* MS Exchange BES 4.0: Advanced Administration
* MS Exchange BES 4.0: Installation and Administration
* GroupWise BES 4.0: Advanced Administration
* GroupWise BES 4.0: Installation and Administration