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WGarage: Reverse Lookup
Ever miss a call and have no idea who’s number it is, some of us will just call the number back and ask “who called?”. However, that becomes very awkward and can be potentially rude if it’s an important client. WGarage: Reverse Lookup tries to resolve this problem by allowing you to do a reverse lookup of the phone number right from your Blackberry. A reverse lookup allows you to find the person or business’s name and address that owns the phone number, so you know exactly who you’re calling. We had a chance to play with it and here are our thoughts …

When we first heard of the program we told ourselves finally, unlike caller ID on a landline, wireless caller ID will only provide the phone number unlike the phone number and name for the landline. So there was a need for something like this for wireless devices. WGarage: Reverse Lookup installs very easy and what we found is that it integrates nicely in the OS. The program adds a new menu option for the Email and Phone application, so all you need to do is highlight a phone number, wheel-click, and hit ‘Reverse Lookup’.

The actual results can be either displayed in a popup window or the browser. The advantage of having results displayed in a popup window is that you can add the results to the address book. However if you’re not on a BES or your carrier doesn’t support direct tcp/ip connection you wouldn’t be able to use the program. That’s where the browser comes in, the program will automatically test if you have a tcp/ip connection, if not it will open the browser. When using the browser, you do lose the functionality of being able to add the results to the address book but it’s a small price to pay.

Some of the most useful tools are the simple ones, and that’s the category that fits WGarage: Reverse Lookup. Its purpose is simple but makes life easier, professionals can use it so they know who they are calling beforehand and paranoid of the government types can use it to screen their calls.

WGarage: Reverse Lookup is available to trial or purchase for $29.95 at http://www.wgarage.com

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  • iptoolz
    Great review I wonder if the reverse cell phone lookup will provide even unlisted numbers though.
  • Toni
    It is not freeware. We get only 20 attempts.
  • denny
    Hi, I have read your contents. I need a reverse phone numbers service, but how much does it charge ? cheap ?
  • Bob Elliott
    Is the Blackberry application reverse lookup wgarage still available? I have a copy of it loaded a Blackberry 7520 which was stolen. I now have a new Blackberry 7520 but the activation key will not work because the pin number of the Blackberry is tied to activation key number. Please help me obtain a new and valid activation code.

    Bob Elliott
    (770) 591-3417
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