A Look At Blackberry Alternatives


With all the talk about a Blackberry shutdown in the US, we wanted to look at the possible alternatives that a company can pursue. Although we really think that the shutdown is highly unlikely, it will be a good exercise to see RIM’s competition and which one poses the biggest threats now and for the future.

The jury may still be out on the new Treo 700w running Windows Mobile, but no one can deny that the Palm 650 is a great device. The advantage of running Palm OS is that it is a mature OS with thousands of 3rd party software available with multimedia and memory expansion capabilities. The device is also very powerful, running the same Intel chip as in the Blackberry 8700 and actually having programs that take advantage of the extra power. The problem with the Treo 650 is that it’s not an Enterprise device, which may be the reason why they are now adopting the Windows Mobile OS. Also out of the box, email is not pushed to the device unless you were to subscribe to a 3rd party service which drives the cost of ownership.

- Mature OS with tons of 3rd party software.
- Powerful device with many features, camera, memory expansion, etc.
- Big community base.

- Not an enterprise device.
- OS limbo, will Palm stick with Palm OS or go Windows mobile.
- Need extra service for true push email.

No doubt that Good has benefited the most from RIM’s litigation problems. They have the most mature push email technology which pretty much acts identical to Blackberry’s technology. Their Goodlink technology not just pushes email but syncs calendar, contacts, meetings, and can be used to push applications to devices. The big problem is that Good’s technology is not embedded in the OS, so it becomes very resource intensive and easily crashes. Also they don’t have as many carrier relationships, so the service is very limited to individuals.

- Technology most comparable to the Blackberry.
- Runs on many devices, not limited just to the Blackberry.
- Could be cheaper for enterprises.

- Not embedded into own OS, so is resource hungry and crashes.
- Limited carrier relationships.
- Can’t just walk into store and purchase a device with Good.

4 Responses to “A Look At Blackberry Alternatives”

  1. 1 GG

    Once again, your account of Good is off a bit. Good currently has resell agreements in place with Sprint and Cingular with, it is my understanding, Verizon in the works. They also claim GoodLink running on over 100 carriers around the world. Also, I would be interested in hearing where you are getting your information about contstant crashes with Good. The fact you can’t walk into stores and buyit is very easily explained: Good is focused on the enteprise space, not the consumer space.

  2. 2 GMG

    GOOD crashes the Samsung i730, especially if you have alot of software added to it.
    It’s too resource hungry to be considered for Enterprise usage. We looked at it for use at our DOD facility, it’s just not ready yet…

  3. 3 GG

    i730 has issues with and without GoodLink. Partly device driven, partly OS driven. GoodLink enhances these already present issues. Have you run BB on the i730? Oh, that’s right….

  4. 4 Francois Holl

    GoodLink has users on 154 networks around the world today. In fact, thanks to Global Connect, GoodLink runs on any CDMA or GPRS carrier in the world. Contrary to RIM, Good does not need to have a technical partnership with a carrier for a user to sync data on.

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