Global Mobile Phone Shipments Hit 810 Million In 05


Global mobile phone shipments continued to grow at a rapid rate during 2005, according to research compiled by Strategy Analytics, a research company. In a report published Thursday, Strategy Analytics said 810 million mobile phones were shipped globally in 2005, a 19% improvement on a year earlier. In the fourth quarter of 2005, a total of 245 million mobile phones were shipped.

Neil Mawston, an analyst with Strategy Analytics, said; “2005 was the year of the emerging market. Booming demand in the Southern hemisphere, in regions such as India and Africa, drove global mobile phone sales 19% higher year-on-year.” He said emerging markets accounted for one half of total worldwide sales over the year.

Strategy Analytics expects further growth in 2006, forecasting a total of 930 million mobile phone shipments globally. It expects shipments to pass through the one billion mark in 2007.

Amongst the operators, Motorola enjoyed 18% global market share in the fourth quarter and in 2005 overall, with almost one in every three mobile phone sales being the Razr V3 model.

Nokia’s market share in the fourth quarter was more than 34%, and 33% over the full year. Samsung’s market share was 11% in the fourth quarter and 13% over the year while LG Electronics’s market share hit 6.6% in the fourth quarter and 6.8% over 2005. Sony Ericsson, which shipped over 51 million units, achieved a 6.3% market share in 2005.