Mac Theme Release For The Blackberry

If you’re a big Apple fan and want to have some of the look and feel of the Mac OS on your Blackberry then you need to download this theme. MilleniaStudio has created a very nice looking Mac inspired theme called Macberry and are generously releasing it for free. The new theme takes advantage of the Plazmic Theme Builder program which is only compatible on OS 4.1 devices. The Macberry theme is available for the 8700 and 7100 devices running OS 4.1.

To get started you need to:

1. Download and install the Plazmic Theme Reader to be able to install custom themes.


2. Download and install the new theme files.

OTA 8700:

OTA 7100:

3. Reboot and change your theme by going to Options -> Themes.

To view more screenshots, visit MilleniaStudio …

8 Responses to “Mac Theme Release For The Blackberry”

  1. 1 Gregg

    I couldnt get this work until I fixed the proper case in MacBerry

  2. 2 Trebz

    Didn’t work for me. I even tried deleting both items rebooted, and followed the instructions again.

    I am using a 7100t with the latest software/firmware.

  3. 3 Jon Maddox

    this didn’t work for me either. It installed, but its not listed in my themes.

  4. 4 Normski

    Hi It didn’t work also for me, Can someone guide me to work it

  5. 5 Martin


    the Mac Theme is working on my Blackberry 8700g (T-Mobile Germany).

    I’ve download the zip file an installed the Plazmic Theme Reader an the Theme.
    So long it work very well and looks prety good


    Ich habe mir die Zip Datei heruntergeladen und über das Programm zum Blackberry installiert und alles funktioniert wunderbar und es sieht auch hammer aus :) Freu

  6. 6 Joe

    I just got the 8700g TMobile and for some reason, I can’t even get to the website. My BB gives me a message that it’s unavailable to me…

  7. 7 Patrick

    I have an 8700g on T-mobile. It’s not showing up in my themes. I even went as far as installing the first, rebooting, installing the second and rebooting. But I can’t find it.

  8. 8 nicagoal

    Hey can someone host the Zip file somewhere? Or where can I find it. PocketMAc/Milleniastudio have taken it down as it’s too similar to MAC..

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