T-Mobile Aims To Up Mobile Data Speed Tenfold By 2010


T-Mobile International, the wireless operator of German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, Tuesday said it aims to increase the speed of wireless data communications tenfold by the end of this decade. T-Mobile said it will launch its first high-speed mobile broadband service, running at 1.8 megabits a second, this quarter. By 2008, the company said, the speed of mobile services should exceed 14 megabits a second and should go beyond 20 megabits a second by the end of the decade.

Wireless operators are upgrading their networks as new services such as mobile-television and instant messaging demand higher data speeds capabilities.

T-Mobile’s Chief Executive Rene Obermann told a media conference on telecoms third generation technology that he believes “mobile will progressively become the primary personal access to the Internet.”

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