Lazaridis Also not worried about Microsoft


Mikey CEO of RIMOn the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of the partnership with Vodafone to bring push-email and how it intends to make the wireless market a large focus in the upcoming years, President and co-Chief Executive Michael Lazaridis has let it be known he’s not too worried. He shares the same sentiment of his other co-CEO where Balsillie also announced that Microsoft doesn’t faze him too much.

Lazaridis told Capital Magazine he expects strong growth in sales of Blackberry handhelds device, despite the increased competition. Lazaridis said the number of BlackBerry customers rose by 100% last year and he sees “no reason why growth should not continue at the same rate”. And why not? Interest in so-called push e-mail is growing: RIM is believed to have up to ten million mobile e-mail subscribers, but some say there could be up to 850 million push e-mail customers by 2009.