ThinPrint’s Content Beamer connects BlackBerry with a laptop

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At the 3GSM in Barcelona in ThinPrint are unveiling the next generation mobile solution, Content Beamer for Blackberry 2.5. With the new version, not only can BlackBerry users print their email attachments to bluetooth or network printers; they can, if needed, also send them via bluetooth or a USB cable to the notebook screen. This so-called “print to screen” function lets documents be displayed and saved in original format on the notebook. To do so, Content Beamer for BlackBerry uses a special, adaptive compression to ensure that no more than 10 KB is sent per page – regardless of the original size of the document. To display a 5 MB PowerPoint file on the notebook, for example, only 80 KB data volume is sent.

“BlackBerry users use their device to stay in touch with their company. Still, most of them also carry a notebook. Print to screen makes it unnecessary to establish a VPN connection with the notebook just to view documents,” reports ThinPrint Managing Director Carsten Mickeleit. “This function – combined with extreme data compression – translates to drastic savings, both in hardware and software and in the costs of administration and online charges.”

In addition to the “print to screen” function, the new version also offers the option of printing calendar entries, memos, contacts, and tasks, and to send attachments to fax machines. The solution will be available in 2006 at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando/USA, where ThinPrint is participating as Gold Sponsor.

  • Joe Stevenson
    I guess you're right... it just doesn't look wide enough. *sigh*
  • squished18
    It's a BlackBerry 8700c.
  • Joe Stevenson
    I know it's just a "glossy mock-up" picture, but does anyone know what kind of BlackBerry device is in the picture? It looks like a 7100 but with a Treo-like full QWERTY keyboard -- not wide enough to be an 8700 either.
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