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ShowMate for Blackberry
Do you have to give a PowerPoint presentation? Tired of carrying that laptop through airport security? Now BlackBerry users can project PowerPoint presentations directly from the BlackBerry and leave their laptops at the office. Impatica has developed a new hardware device called Showmate that tries to tackle this very issue. Read further for our thoughts on the product …

The Impatica ShowMate is a tiny hardware device which is good because then there would be no point in carrying the device if it was the size of your notebook. The piece connects any BlackBerry handheld to any VGA projector or display, allowing BlackBerry users with the Impatica PowerPoint software installed to display graphical PowerPoint presentations like you would with a laptop.

One grip is that the ShowMate device is useless without having the Impatica software installed. You can only display the Impatica program and nothing else, like your Home screen. This way it could have been possible that you can use ShowMate as a support tool but in all fairness Impatica advertises ShowMate as an aid to help you deliver PowerPoint presentations, which it does nicely.

Setting up is very easy, connect one end to the projector and the other end to your Blackberry. Everything is pretty much plug-and-play.

Speakers use the BlackBerry as a remote control to navigate through the presentation like they would with a laptop. For this very reason it would have been cool if ShowMate was a BlueTooth device so you can walk around freely without worrying about any cord. On the BlackBerry screen, presenters can view a full list of slides in the presentation or even the speakers notes extracted directly from PowerPoint.

Our overall feelings on ShowMate are that it’s a very high quality device but it is limited to Impatica’s PowerPoint software. This is not necessarily a bad thing because Impatica’s PowerPoint software is the best we’ve seen, supporting full animation and sound (other mobile devices). Another benefit with using ShowMate over a laptop is the “wow factor”, impressing would be listeners with cool new gadgets.

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BlackBerry Cool » T-Mobile launches ShowMate in UK
May 29th, 2006 at 8:31 am

[…] T-Mobile announced today that they’re releasing Impatica’s ShowMate — a device we reviewed fondly back in February — for their UK customers. If you can’t remember that far back, the ShowMate is a presentation solution that allows users to project PowerPoint presentations directly from their BlackBerrys. The most recent version of ShowMate now allows users to connect wirelessly from their BlackBerry to the ShowMate through a Bluetooth connection. Cool stuff. […]

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