NTP Wants to Settle, but RIM says no way


NTP issued a public statement shortly after the hearing was over.

“We want all BlackBerry users to know that we have repeatedly attempted to settle this issue with RIM, including trying to meet with them this week,” the statement said.

“RIM has rejected our efforts, stalled the proceedings and attempted to undermine the process every step of the way. We have acted to protect our interests and will do so in the future as should all patent owners.”

However, Jim Balsillie co-CEO of RIM thinks otherwise, telling reporters after the trial “settlement has never been an option to date.”

“They’ve never offered us a full license, so I’m kind of hamstrung,” Balsillie said. “It’s like: Jim, would you be happy being 6 feet, 6 inches tall? It’d be nice, but it’s not an option in this lifetime.”

We’re pretty sure that Balsillie is bluffing about not settling, using it only as a negotiating tactic. Otherwise, it would be very reckless for the company and the shareholders to not have that option open. You just have to wonder if this case has gotten personal and it’s now an ego thing between Balsillie and Stout.