Ask Us! Storing Phone Numbers to SIM Card

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Chad asked us,

I have the blackberry 7105 and I need to save my numbers in my phone book to my sim card. How do i do that?

We’re guessing Chad uses another cellphone thus to make for an easy transition he needs to store his phone book on his SIM card. So instead of re-entering all the phone numbers again he can just import them from the SIM card. There is a solution built-in to the Blackberry OS to do exactly what Chad needs to do.

To copy a phone number from the address book to the SIM Phone Book on your handheld

1. On the handheld Home screen, click the Address Book icon.

2. Select the contact containing the phone number you wish to copy.

3. Click the trackwheel and select View.

4. Select the phone number, click the trackwheel, then select Copy to SIM Phone Book.

5. Click the trackwheel and select Save.

21 Responses to “Ask Us! Storing Phone Numbers to SIM Card”

  1. 1 Jane

    Is it possible to copy the entire Blackberry address book to the SIM card address book in order to overwrite the SIM card address book with the Blackberry address book…rather than one entry at the time?

  2. 2 Tim Keeley

    I am having trouble copying numbers to the SIM card. When I select a number as instructed above, and choose copy to SIM card - it says there is not enough room on SIM card.
    (But my SIM card is empty!)


  3. 3 Michael

    I’m having the same problem with my Blackberry. Nokia have a ‘copy all from phone to SIM’ or ‘copy all from SIM to phone’ option under contacts. Blackberry could do with one of those functions!

  4. 4 Cathy

    how do u copy all contacts at one shot to the SIM from a bb. This is very urgent.

  5. 5 Ravindranath

    How can i store the numbers in the sim card for the model no:Nokia 3120. Does it have an option to save in sim card.


  6. 6 Mike

    As I understand it, the SIM card does not have a facility for hierchical address book, i.e. only one address per name… Thats why no simple “copy all”…. and Thanks why the instructions above have you go and pick each individual number.

  7. 7 JL

    the easiest way for me to move all my numbers to another handset (weekend phone) instead of BB, was to sync the phone with my address book and save the numbers to the phone, all motorola phones have the same mini usb as BB so it syns easily.

  8. 8 WKE

    This is not the SIM card as someone said above. You can do this with NOKIA but not with BB. Nothing to do with the card. RIM just doesn’t give the option. Now why would they do that?

  9. 9 OB

    This inability to copy everything to the SIM in one shot, and the absolutely terrible quality of the phone - everyone says they can barely understand me for the static and distortion, regardless of where I call from - makes me regret having spent so much money on the thing.

  10. 10 Keisha

    There is a way to do copy all of your numbers to the sim card, but you have to do it via the computer. I did it once with the assistance of tech support; unfortunately, I don’t remember how I went about doing it.

  11. 11 Saurabh

    The easiest way to copy all data including address book is to do a backup of your BB device to a computer using BB desktop manager. Just restore the backup from computer after doing the changes in your BB. This restores all the current data till the backup.

  12. 12 O'Lanso

    I find that the easiest way that works is to sync to your computer’s address book (I only did this on a Mac), then sync to your new phone. RIM does not seem to have a copy all to sim card function.

  13. 13 Simon

    How do I copt the contents of the BlackBerry address book onto the Sim card all in one go?


  14. 14 saktek

    This is the worst phone i have ever come to. very very limited functionality , i don’t know why users are using it, only just for encryption sure they will have better option then this piece of rubbish.

  15. 15 Rich

    I had to do all of them one of a time.
    I will never buy another blackberry.
    Just bought a nokia. :)

  16. 16 Lisa

    Is there a way to make numbers atuomatically save on sim card. I loose so many number by not being able to do this. A phone that’s posed to be so “updated” should be smarter that this one.

  17. 17 Maged

    There is a software which does that at couple clicks but I did use it one time and I couldn’t have it anymore.
    Does anybody know what’s that software???

  18. 18 Urgent Simon

    Simon, read before posting.. apparently it doesn’t matter how urgent it is, its not gonna happen. And Maged, there are a couple different programs you can use. Activesync for one, but the one i would recommend is the program that came with the blackberry. Easily downloadable on Research in motion’s website.

  19. 19 tclubbs

    how do i get the numbers from my sim to my phone?

  20. 20 tclubbs

    nevermind i figured it out

  21. 21 Anne

    i hate bb there’s so many things missing…

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