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Naomi Campbell Assaults Maid with Swarovski Blackberry


Naomi Naomi Campbell is in court once again for assaulting one of her workers with her Blackberry according to the New York Daily News. Last time it was her personal assistance that got whacked, but this time it was one of her maids. According to the maid, Ana Scolavino, Naomi assaulted her with the Blackberry after she was falsely accused of stealing a $200 pair of jeans.

Naomi insists that she got hurt by falling down the stairs, an excuse that could be very plausible if it wasn’t for the fact that this is not her first time being accused of attacking someone with her Blackberry. Not just any Blackberry, sources told the newspaper that it was a Blackberry encrusted with Swarovski cyrstals - ouch!

Campbell was charged with assault and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted. During a brief court appearance last night, a judge denied the prosecution’s request for $3,500 bail.

Motorola Q to be Delayed … Again


Motorola Q
Scott Moritz over at TheStreet says the Motorola Q a slated “Blackberry killer”, will not debut at CTIA like many insiders were expecting. Verizon Wireless will have an exclusive on the thin-line PDA at launch, but consumers will have to wait at least a little longer:

The stage was set for an announcement that Verizon Wireless — a joint venture of Verizon — has stocked its shelves with Q phones. But now, Verizon Wireless says the Q isn’t ready. And although phone delays are far from rare, the Q’s absence stands to add to an already long list of product problems for Motorola this year.

Motorola announced the Q (also called the RAZRBerry in rumors) last summer and was originally slated for a Q4 launch. Motorola’s website recently updated to note a Q launch in April and then quickly removed the mention and changed it to “coming soon”. These long delays are not looking good for the highly anticipated Motorola Q which leaves you wondering if this sleek device is more hype than substance.

Strategy Analytics: RIM Will Maintain Market Share Majority in Short Term


The latest research from the Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Enterprise Strategies service finds that while 2006 will be another watershed year for enterprise wireless email, the competitive dynamics of the market are shifting quickly. With an estimated 63 percent of the corporate wireless email market, and now legally unencumbered, RIM remains the uncontested mobile email leader and has grounds for great optimism in 2006. However, both Microsoft and Nokia/Intellisync are gunning hard for this lucrative market in 2006 with unrivalled marketing clout and potent, though differentiated, channel strategies. Strategy Analytics expect their combined 15 percent market share to easily double in the next 12 to 18 months.

Smaller niche players that have met moderate success to date will feel added pressure to differentiate their offerings in order to maximize their value proposition and/or increase their chances of being acquired by a larger player.

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Sprint Accelerating its EV-DO Rollout


Sprint has announced aggressive plans for the expansion and evolution of the Sprint Power Vision network which now covers over half of the US population with mobile broadband data services. By year end 2006 the high-speed wireless network is expected to reach an estimated 190 million people nationwide and in Puerto Rico, making it the largest mobility network of its kind. Sprint will concurrently implement second-generation technology upgrades later this year known as EV-DO Revision A, to bring additional mobility benefits to users beginning in 1Q 2007. Sprint plans to reach about 220 million people in the U.S. with the advanced network by the end of 3Q ’07.

Sprint’s Sprint Power Vision network currently covers over 150 million people and serve customers in 215 communities with at least 100,000 population, as well as 470 airports across the country. Users currently access various audio, video and data applications with handheld and connection-card devices at average download speeds equivalent to DSL (400-700 kbps and peak speeds up to 2 Mbps). With the evolution to EV-DO Revision A, users will experience downloads and uploads up to 10 times faster.

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Heavy, Long-term Mobile Phone Use Danger To Health


A new Swedish study on the use of mobile telephones show 10 years of intense mobile phone use increases the risk for severe brain tumor. The study, performed by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and the University of Oerebro, show those who started using a mobile phone before the age of 20 are most at risk.

The risk is greatest for those who have used their phone more than 2,000 hours during the 10 year period.

“One hour of calling a day during 200 working days over 10 years give 2,000 hours,” said Kjell Hansson Mild, a researcher at the National Institute for Working Life in a statement.

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Hiding Sent Emails


Hide sent emails
Is your message screen getting full and it takes you too long to find that one email. With most Blackberry users, the answer is more than likely yes, seeing how we’re all crackberry addicts typing away emails 24 hours a day. When they say a clean house is a happy house, it is also true for a clean inbox. To declutter your inbox, the easiest solution is to hide all sent messages.

To hide sent messages, do the following:

1. From the Home screen, select Messages.

2. On the Messages screen, click the trackwheel and select Options.

3. On the Messages Options screen, select General Options.

4. From the General Options list, select Hide Sent Messages.

5. Click the trackwheel and select Change Option.

6. Select Yes.

7. Click the trackwheel and select Save. Sent messages no longer appear in the message list on the device.