How to: BlackBerry 8800 diassessembly, repair, and reassembly (video), Aug 08

If you’ve got a roasted keypad on your BlackBerry 8800-series device, take a look at this video. It’s a little long, but goes through every step nice and slowly. Even if you’re carrying something else, it might be worth checking out The Moment of Truth at 14:50. Oh, and the skin is from DecalGirl, if you’re curious.

Bullet points for the BlackBerry 8800 diassessembly, repair, and reassembly behind the jump…

Kickstart madness and the Q3 lineup (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 36), Aug 08

Rogers gets a lot of news this week, what with its flip BlackBerry showing up along with a few other devices, but there’s plenty going on with the Thunder and Bold as well.

Blackberry Bold launch parties and musical Thunder (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35), Aug 01

The BlackBerry Bold looms impressively on the horizon, but the Thunder and Kickstart get some love this week too. We also talk with Andy Brown on the UK BlackBerry Bold launch party.

Registration for the BlackBerry Developer Conference now open!, Aug 08

Developers, start your engines, because registration is now open for the BlackBerry Developer Conference, taking place in Santa Clara, California on October 21-22. Until August 31st., it’ll only cost you $799, which will go up to $999 until October 1st., then $1099 if you’re paying on the spot. Alliance members enjoy a reduced rate of $699, and if you want to get through the doors free, just submit a paper before August 22, and maybe get a few pats on the back from colleagues in the field. Session tracks include: Managing the Application Development and Deployment Lifecycle, The Ins and Outs of Java Development for the BlackBerry Solution, Next Generation Mobile Web Applications and Content Services, and Mobile Applications for the Enterprise. Register now!

Kickstart madness and the Q3 lineup (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 36), Aug 08

The flip BlackBerry now known as the Pearl 8220 is the big story this week, along with plenty of other info regarding Rogers’ plans for BlackBerry Bold and the slightly less-appreciated BlackBerry Curve with Wi-Fi. Lots of talk regarding their rebranded UMA service, Talkspot, but we also hit on Verizon and Telus getting the BlackBerry Thunder, and Virgin Mobile’s entry into the Canadian BlackBerry scene.

Click here to listen to the BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 36

BlackBerry Thunder coming to Verizon October 13th?, Aug 08

Previous word on a mid-October release for the Verizon BlackBerry 9530 has just been corroborated by a juicy leak. This spreadsheet showing the BlackBerry 9530 was accompanied by an ominous post: “Is VZW getting ready to ‘take the world by storm’ tm on October 13th?” That sounds like marketing-speak if I’ve ever heard it, and makes one wonder a bit about whether or not the BlackBerry 9530 will actually be named the Thunder or the Storm. After all, we all had a bit of a surprise when the Kickstart got dummed down to Pearl status… Whatever it’s called, the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry has been getting just as much attention, if not more in light of its iPhone similarities. The BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9530 will be packing Rhapsody support, a fine media player and camera, along with a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. If the BlackBerry Bold isn’t winning you over, this one might just be worth waiting for…

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Windows Mobile outsells BlackBerry in Asia 6-to-1, Aug 08

The Opera Mini survey awhile back went to show just how popular BlackBerry is here in North America, but another survey by Springboard Research has revealed that BlackBerry devices are getting drastically outsold in Asia-Pacific. Windows Mobile devices racked up 6 million sales last year, versus RIM’s paltry 1 million. One of the main reasons for this, according to the researchers, is the high cost of push e-mail service for people in that region, making it a poor option for small and medium businesses. BlackBerry Unite! is helping a bit, since it’s free and can keep companies of up to 5 users linked together, but really it seems like a local NOC would go a long ways to increasing adoption in Asia-Pacific. There’s been talk about a factory opening up in China, and some kind of data centre in India to get around that whole security issue, but surely the biggest end result would be lowered costs for everyone in the neighbourhood. Still, with ad campaigns like this, how can you resist WinMo?

(via Windows Mobile Cool)

New BlackBerry Pearl colours coming to T-Mobile, Aug 08

Three shiny new shades of BlackBerry 8120 are coming to T-Mobile in the near future: tahitian green, indigo and light blue. We’ve seen the indigo before, but if these mock-ups are close to the real deal, then I could see that green one doing pretty well. Of course the BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry Javelin are on the way to T-Mobile as well. The flip BlackBerry previously known as the Kickstart will also be available in a variety of colours (we’ve seen it in blue and red so far) and shipping with OS 4.6 - expect it on shelves around late September for $50 with contract. As ever, the BlackBerry Javelin, looking like a Bold/Curve hybrid and shipping with OS 4.6.1, should be coming out late November on T-Mobile. That’s a lot of new stuff coming down the pipes for T-Mobile before the end of the year, but the lack of 3G on the Javelin and the potential for the touchscreen-packing BlackBerry Thunder to be coming out on Verizon in the same time frame might make it a tough call for some buyers.

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Rogers to release BlackBerry 8320 end of September, Aug 08

The latest Q3 documents from Rogers are showing the Wi-Fi BlackBerry Curve right next to the BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Kickstart Pearl 8220 for upcoming devices. It’s clear that Rogers is making a big push for their newly rebranded UMA service, TalkSpot, what with all of the Wi-Fi BlackBerrys coming down the pipe. They’ve had the BlackBerry 8820 and BlackBerry 8120 out since earlier this summer, all touting voice-over-Wi-Fi, but it looks like the BlackBerry Bold won’t be supporting it for some reason. Too bad, because unlimited long-distance calls in Canada when connected to any Wi-Fi network is pretty sweet. For those plenty satisfied with the BlackBerry Curve, you can expect to pick it up around the end of September for something in the neighbourhood of $199.99 on a three-year plan, and TalkSpot will cost you another $15 to $20/month on top of your regular e-mail, voice and data plans.

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New Hannah Montana BlackBerry theme to placate your preteen daughter, Aug 07

Bplay just released fresh Hannah Montana theme for BlackBerry following the surprising popularity of their recent Tinker Bell theme. I know we’ve talked plenty about how pink paint jobs on devices can capture the female market, but I never really thought that would extend to 13-year-olds. But hey, them young’uns love to text, so might as well give ‘em what they want. Pink Girl, Pink Heart and Tickled Pink are some other slightly feminine, slightly youthful themes that might interest the same crowd.

  • Download the Hanna Montana theme for BlackBerry
  • Download the Tinker Bell theme for BlackBerry
  • Download the Pink Girl theme for BlackBerry
  • Download the Pink Heart theme for BlackBerry
  • Download the Tickled Pink theme for BlackBerry

Attention SMBs: Get a free BES with 15 Rogers BlackBerry Subscriptions (’Cool Deals), Aug 07

Take it from the BlackBerry Cool team: it is tough running a small to medium-sized business on a tight budget (well, at least it was until we found gold deposits in our Fortress of Solitude), so you have to constantly be on vigil for cool deals. Thankfully, Rogers has been running a promotion since June 1st that gives your business a free BES with 15 new BlackBerry activations. In addition, there is also a deal providing a BlackBerry Professional Software Bundle for 5-9 new activations

The promotion ends August 31st, so make sure to act soon. Check out the detailed Eligability/Restrictions list after the jump, or head here for more info:

Thanks for the tip, Fake Ted Rogers!

Click Here to see Roger’s BES Promotion restrictions

Virgin Mobile releasing BlackBerry 8130 in Canada, Aug 07

As previously rumored, Virgin Mobile is now offering the BlackBerry Pearl for free on a three-year contract. The big seller here is that they’re throwing in 8 GB memory cards on all activations. Yow. Plenty of carriers hand out 1 GB cards as incentives, 8 GB cards are not only hard to find, but can get pretty pricey, too. As for plans, Virgin’s got voice and text plans starting at $25/month and BlackBerry plans from $15/month and up. If you want more info, the web store is really cleanly set up, and makes picking your options pretty dang easy.

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Telus getting the BlackBerry Thunder?, Aug 07

While it’s not a far shot that Canadian carrier Telus would get the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder, a financial analyst’s off-hand commentary shouldn’t be taken as hard and fast evidence. Still, the prospect of someone other than Verizon and Vodafone packing the BlackBerry 9500 is pretty appealing… Current rumours are pointing to a mid-October release date on Verizon, so we can expect something in the same time frame for Canada. Bell might be left in the dark for this one, but only time will tell…

(via CB)

New Beta of Viigo available!, Aug 07

The latest update to Viigo has come around, featuring Olympics and 2008 Elections channels built in. This version lets you check out upcoming competitions, medal results, as well as state-by-state polling results and news right on your BlackBerry. Before you ask, no, podcasts aren’t up and running yet, but stick around, the feature is well underway. Viigo is a free, lightweight app for your BlackBerry that lets you access RSS feeds, weather, sports, stock information and plenty more. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and grab the classic RSS reader here! For the new beta, head to on your BlackBerry’s browser.

BlackBerry Bold lands in the UK, Aug 07

BlackBerry Bold

T-Mobile was kind enough to bring the BlackBerry Bold to Germany and Austria, and has now extending the same courtesy to the UK. As you may well know, the BlackBerry 9000 is quite the package, including Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, side-loading microSD slot, super-crisp 480 x 320 display and a two-megapixel camera with video recording. The online store isn’t showing anything just yet, but keep your eyes peeled, Brits. Failing that, 3 Mobile and Vodafone should be carrying the BlackBerry Bold on their shelves shortly as well. Now, I wonder if you could grab one of those coloured battery doors in magenta…

(via PC Advisor)

RIM sued alongside Apple and Palm, Aug 07

GavelWiAV Solutions has recently unloaded both barrels of legal action on RIM, Apple and Palm regarding what’s called Adaptive Multi-Rate compression, a GSM voice compression technology. AMR is used to detect silence rather than sound, altering music to accommodate voice, and power management. Up to ten patents are supposedly being infringed upon, but AMR was included in the GSM standard back in ‘98, so you have to wonder how it will all end up. WiAV only actually owns two of the offending patents, while they’re dragging their liscensor, Mindspeed, into the case to defend the rest of the technologies. On the whole, it sounds like this is a shaky case already, and probably won’t get too far. If you’re fluent in legalese, you can take a look at some of the court papers here.

(via Engadget)

Two-for-one BlackBerry Curves from Telus, Aug 07

Telus is offering two BlackBerry 8330s for the price of one ($149.99 on a three year plan), and all you have to do is sign up for a share plan and e-mail. Colour swaps and price cuts are a few ways for CDMA carriers to pre-empt the BlackBerry Bold coming up for GSM competitors, and a two-for-one sale could equally sway anyone on the lookout for a BlackBerry in the near future. Any Canadian couples out there looking to take the BlackBerry plunge together should swing by their local Telus store to check it out, or take a look at the Telus online store.

(via BlackBerrySync)

RIM’s talk at RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference, Aug 06

So, we listened in on the talk from Edel Ebbs, RIM’s VP of Investor Relations at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference today, and she had a few interesting things to say regarding the expanding consumer segment, the importance of fixed-mobile convergence, and future drivers for growth. The majority of sales still rely on hardware, but software and services revenue definitely helps. Edel went on to talk about RIM’s growing branding strategy, which we can see today in their latest advertisements showing off the BlackBerry device as an all-encompassing lifestyle choice, and is just the beginning of a bigger push in the last half of the year. That’s of course a good segue way into their consumer push…

If you’d like to hear the conference talk for yourself, head on over to RIM’s investor relations site…

…otherwise, peek under the jump for the run-down.

UPDATE: Rogers BlackBerry Bold coming August 19th, but launching without UMA, Aug 06

UPDATE: Woah! Just got an update from our friend Fake Ted Rogers, who tells us that the Rogers BlackBerry Bold will be out on August 19th. So it looks like Canadians are a lucky 13 days away from Bold goodness.

More news on BlackBerry releases keeps flowing out of Rogers today. In addition to the BlackBerry Kickstart BlackBerry Pearl 8220 sales info, we were also able to get our hands on some BlackBerry Bold copy. While both pricing and release date are still unconfirmed, leading us to stick to our claim of $250 on a 3 year contract, we can tell you that the Bold will be released on Rogers without UMA support - initially.

Theses are exciting times for the BlackBerry Nation! So many new devices, coming out so soon! Check a handy BlackBerry Bold/8820/8310 comparison chart after the jump.

Special thanks to Mike for the shout out!

Click here to see the BlackBerry Bold comparison chart

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 coming to Rogers! What’s a Kickstart?, Aug 06

UPDATE: Our friend Fake Ted Rogers has also told us that the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 should also be arriving to Rogers in September like its T-Mobile counterpart.

UPDATE 2: If you were thinking this might be a Rogers-only thing, T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8220 will also be named the Pearl.

The upcoming BlackBerry Kickstart is coming to Rogers sometime in Q3! But it won’t be called the BlackBerry Kickstart. Instead, the nascent FlipBerry will be called the BlackBerry Pearl 8220. Only time will tell if it will replace the candybar line of Pearls or run along side it.

There’s not much more than a few pictures and promises of the Pearl 8220 working on Rogers’ rebranded voice-over-Wi-fi service, “Talkspot“, but previous talk was pointing to a September launch on T-Mobile, along with a new CellData option to give some location info based on cell tower usage. An external LCD screen will also be on the BlackBerry 8220, marking it as a significant (and overdue) departure from the traditional BlackBerry form factor. This document from Rogers says the BlackBerry 8220 will have a “attractive price point”, which seems to confirm something within the supposed $49.99 price range.

Thanks Mike!

Full details of the Rogers BlackBerry KickstartPearl behind the jump!

Presidential posse leaving BlackBerrys at home for Olympics, Aug 06

US President Bush is on his way to China for the Olympics beginning Friday, and staffers accompanying him will be without BlackBerrys for the duration due to security concerns. Wow, top-shelf bureaucrats without BlackBerrys? That’s going to be rough for them. To be fair, Chinese hotels have been forced by the local government to install spy software which will monitor guests’ internet usage, which puts wireless monitoring not that far-fetched. Is the presidential staff justified in leaving their BlackBerrys at home, or is this just the Chinese version of the Patriot Act? One way or the other, the Hong Kong BlackBerry 9000 launch wasn’t too long ago, so there may very well be a few Bolds floating through the crowds at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing before the show’s over.

(CBS via Pinstack)

BlackBerry Bold available in Germany?, Aug 06

So, the whole Chile and Hong Kong launch yesterday was a bit of a false start, but T-Mobile Germany’s online store is looking much more promising. With a few clicks through, you can see that the BlackBerry 9000 is going for €459.95 (or $US 715) without contract. You can tell just from all the carrier activity lately that the launch is imminent, it’s just a matter of the final go-ahead. If we have any Germans in the house looking to pick up a BlackBerry 9000, swing by the store and let us know what the stock’s like!

UPDATE: It looks like T-Mobile Austria has followed suit…

Thanks Rainer!

Excited? BlackBerry Bold device specifications behind the jump!

Du launches BlackBerry service in UAE, Aug 06

DuAnnounced back in back in May, Du’s BlackBerry service has finally gone live after government approval and is now available in the United Arab Emirates. There’s quite the BlackBerry lineup for Du, including the BlackBerry 8100 for AED 1,799.00, the BlackBerry 8300 for AED 1,880.00, the BlackBerry 8700 for AED 1,350.00 and the BlackBerry 8800 for AED 2,199.00. It’s a solid start for an inaugural launch and shows that Du is clearly throwing their chips in with RIM in order to take on the current leading carrier, Etisalat. It’ll be tough going, but we certainly know what it’s like in Canada to not have much in the way of competition.

(via cellular-news)

BlackBerry Unite! updated for rich e-mail, Aug 06

BlackBerry Unite! has released what they’re calling MR2, which is an automatic update for Unite! users enabling some fresh features like rich content e-mail, one-click policy resets, the ability to restrict file transfers and change e-mail polling intervals. If you haven’t checked it out, BlackBerry Unite! is free server software for small groups up to five people. If you’re already using it, just reactivate your BlackBerry, and you should be good to enjoy the new features.

(via BerryReview)

BlackBerry Kickstart software peeped, packing CellData, Aug 06

While we’ve known that the upcoming flip BlackBerry Kickstart will be shipping with OS 4.6, one assumed that it would be packing all the same goodies as the BlackBerry Bold. Jibi managed to have some fun on the BlackBerry 8220 simulator, however, and got some virtual impressions of the device in action. The biggest addition is CellData, which is going to be a second-best to a full-blown GPS unit. By recognizing cell tower usage and pairing it up with map data, folks who grab the Kickstart will be able to get a rough idea of where they are - not too shabby for what could be a $50 handset. The BlackBerry 9000 will be making use of the same kind of technology, only in conjunction with proper GPS in order to improve accuracy.

Aside from that, the simulator was running with MyFaves on the home screen, confirming a T-Mobile launch. BlackBerry Messenger will also getting some updates which we had heard about before, such as sharing your playlist and “On the Phone” status with BB Messenger contacts. Of course the Kickstart will be including the Clock app we’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently for from the Bold. Don’t forget that the BlackBerry 8220 will be packing Wi-Fi as well, which means MyFaves, WiFi calling and cell tower location tracking are all going to be under the same hood. Not a bad little package.

(via BlackBerry News)

More pictures of the BlackBerry Kickstart’s software after the jump!

Win a free BlackBerry from EQO, Aug 05

The folks behind the BlackBerry IM client EQO are getting pumped for the Olympics and are giving away $50-worth of service credit every day, as well as taking names for the grand prize at the end of the events: a BlackBerry of your choice. All you have to do is subscribe to Olympic news through their mobile app, vote on your favourite of three stories daily, and your name is in the draw. Keep voting every day from August 8th through 24th. to increase your odds and to team up with other voters from your country. The top three voting countries will each get a medal on the EQO website, with flags waving high. EQO managed to slip our radar for the big BlackBerry IM Client Review, but expect an update soon with our impressions. While I’m not sure that little yellow dudes with pupils that dilated would ever make it past the Olympic drug test, I’d happily take a free BlackBerry from ‘em - go ahead and get started at, then sign up for the contest.

Verizon slashes BlackBerry prices, Aug 05

This week Verizon took a machete to their BlackBerry prices, knocking the BlackBerry Curve down to $99.99, the BlackBerry Pearl to $79.99, and the BlackBerry World Edition to $149.99, all on two-year plans and with online rebate. Of course all CDMA carriers are feeling a bit of a sting these days what with the BlackBerry Bold launching on GSM networks worldwide any day now. Cheap devices aren’t the only way they’re hunkering down until the BlackBerry 9000 someday makes the CDMA switch - word has it Bell will be rocking a few new colours of Curve and Pearl, in a similar attempt to keep pace with GSM. Of course, Verizon will have the BlackBerry Thunder in good time, which could present some competition if it’s not hitting up AT&T…

(Verizon via cellular-news)

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