Glom Factor by Magmic released


Glom Factor is the latest offering from Magmic, one of the leading gaming studios for the Blackberry. The purpose of Glom Factor is to blast blocks with these little things they call gloms. It may look a lot like Tetris, which it is but there’s one big twist. The actual blocks can not be destroyed by aligning themselves up together. To destroy the blocks you need to set an explosion of the same colored gloms beside them.

With these simple puzzle games, there’s really not much you can do wrong. It is a simple game that is very addictive and entertaining to play. It’s different enough from Tetris that you won’t get bored so quickly and it’s familiar enough that there’s pretty much no learning curve to play the game. If you’re a fan of the original Tetris, you’ll love this game as well.

Download a trial by pointing your Blackberry browser to:

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