Naggie for your Blackberry

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Just like the name implies, Naggie is a program that nags or reminds you of something. However, instead of basing reminders by time, Naggie bases reminders by location. Using GPS technology that is available for the Blackberry 7520, users can now set reminders per certain area. An example would be to buy washer fluid next time you’re at the gas station filling up or when you’re leaving the office to pick up some chinese. As you can see, you can set reminders based on being at the location or being away from the location which is a very clever idea.

Naggie can remind you be either vibrating, sending an email, PIN, or SMS. Vibrating is the option you will use the most but having an email sent can be useful when you need to be reminded on your computer.

Currently the program is free and you can download it by pointing your Blackberry browser to:

To learn more about Naggie, visit their website:

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