Using a Blackberry to stalk celebrities

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Popular gossip site has developed something they call “stalker map” which uses the Google map service to plot the location of famous faces as soon as possible after the tip comes in. Sightings are sent in from readers by email which two interns sort and then post right away to the stalker map.

As you can guess, the Blackberry device plays a key role to the stalker map, allowing users to send in their celebrity spotting right away. This has irked a few celebrities because it provides nearly real time information about their location which could put them in danger. Ken Sunshine, whose clients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, said he thought the Gawker Stalker site was “outrageous”.

“It invites weirdos, if not dangerous weirdos, to physically come in contact with anybody they choose to expose on this site,” Mr Sunshine said.

Gawker editor Jessica Coen defended the maps, adding that they were already proving popular with readers with dozens of sightings being emailed in on the first day.

She rejected the Mr Sunshine’s argument that stars’ safety was being compromised. “If people are truly intent on doing some sort of sick harm to a certain celebrity that information for finding them is already out there,” Ms Coen said.

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