Airtel launches BlackBerry 8700g


Indian mobile service provider Airtel and Research In Motion launched BlackBerry 8700g today. The new BlackBerry, that features an Intel XScale cellular processor, a 64 MB flash memory and a 16 MB SDRAM, is equipped for enterprise applications such as field service automation and sales force automation.

“Airtel and RIM have come out with a product for the high-end enterprise and business consumers in India. BlackBerry 8700g delivers speed that compliments usage needs of the corporate user,” Mr Hemant Sachdev, Marketing and Communications Director, Bhart i Airtel, said at the launch.

According to the company, the new BlackBerry enables faster web browsing and higher order of applications. It also features an LCD display that supports more than 65,000 colours and intelligent light-sensing technology.

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    I am keshava from Bangalore. I would like to go for a blackberry handset on Airtel. The problem is, I use spice service now and have got a very good number 9844444489. I would like to switch to Airtel so that I can use Blackberry( because of the fact that I can use interenet on it ). Could you please provide me with a very good number like the one I have right now so that I could switch to Airtel buying the Blackberry. Please advise.

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    Keshava G

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