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MobileVoiceControl Launches Speech Recognition System for BlackBerry

MobileVoiceControl Inc., a developer of voice recognition systems for the mobile marketplace, today launched VoiceControl_bb, a high accuracy speech recognition system that combines out-of-the-box functionality, single keystroke operation, and a natural speech command set. Designed for specific BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion, this powerful system was developed to increase productivity and safety.

Key features include a voice dailer, email dictation, calender voice control, and voice browser commands. The voice browser commands allows you to speak a few command words like ‘Sports’ and the browser will automatically open to the sports web page.

“In a mobile environment, users don’t always have the luxury of looking at their device,” said Steve Burns, President of MobileVoiceControl, Inc. “Using voice to control their BlackBerry enables users to get the most out of their mobile computing experience. Never before has any user been able to do so much on a mobile device, without typing a single keystroke.”

To learn more about the program, visit their website:

One Response to “MobileVoiceControl Launches Speech Recognition System for BlackBerry”

  1. Rob Horvath
    April 2nd, 2006 10:09

    Hi. I am interested in this product for my Blackberry 8700. I downloaded the trial version using its Browser. I note that in the set up it lists: APN: wap.cingular. I am not a customer of Cingular. I am a customer of Rogers in Canada.

    Is this available for me?


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