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We mentioned the Avvenu file sharing software last week and we are finally ready for the review. Avvenu was developed by a team whose background was peer-to-peer, think of music file sharing programs like Limewire. If you’re already familiar with P2P then you will be right at home with Avvenu, the software enables the sharing of media files and remote downloads but don’t expect much - atleast for now.

To set up the service you download the free software to your host PC. At this point you will be able to connect to your computer from any browser around the world, including your Blackberry browser. Once you’ve connected you can view, download, and share files with your colleagues. Once you’ve chosen the file you wish to share, you then enter the e-mail address of the person you want to share the files with. Avvenu sends the recipient a message with a link to the files where they can open and download the file. There’s even an option to upload pictures taken from your cell phone but seeing how the Blackberry does not have a camera we didn’t test this feature.

What Avvenu cannot do is remotely control your home system. It’s designed to be more like a sophisticated FTP service accessible through a wide variety of devices. The host system must be running Windows XP, but you can tap into your home computer with any mobile device that has a standard Web browser.

Where Avvenu shows its weakness is when you try to share mp3s along with any other large files. The reason is your typical residential highspeed line has a limited upload speed. But seeing how this review is geared towards the Blackberry device the speed is not really a factor unless you’re crazy enough to put your mp3 library on your device.

Overall the program is an excellent resource for Blackberry users. It allows you to view, send and share files back and forth from one computer to another. Especially useful when you forgot the file you’re working on at your office and you’re half way across the country. One thing we need to mention is that although currently free, the folks behind Avvenu will want to recoup their development time and monetize their program so don’t be surprise if they decide to charge for the service in the future.

Learn more at http://www.avvenu.com

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