RIM Exec David Heit Interviewed


Unstrung a wireless news site scored and interview with David Heit a senior product manager for RIM. The full transcript is posted on the website but the following are a few of the juicy tidbits:

“We’ve been getting the message out that it’s really not just about wireless email anymore, but about mobilizing your business processes, and the customers are really starting to catch on to that.”, when asked about life after the lawsuit.

“Our BES supports the three most popular email environments … you can use whatever email platform you want, whatever application or backend data source, over an array of devices, and we’re available on every carrier technology that exists today.”, when asked about Blackberry being propriety software.

“We’re looking at voice-over-IP as a major direction, so that instead of giving an employee a desktop phone, you give them a Blackberry, so it’s a mobile phone device as well as a secure connection for email. And when you add the mobile application capability we’ve been talking about, then you’re really talking about true convergence.”, when talked about RIM’s future direction.

Read the whole interview here …

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