Google Talk for Blackberry available for download

Google Talk is an easy-to-use instant messenger that is now available for download for BlackBerry users. Google is very late to the instant messenging world so you may have had no reason to use it until now. The program is the nicest instant messenger program we have used for the Blackberry, so if you’re constantly on your device it may be a good idea to convince your friends and family to switch from AIM or MSN for Google Talk - for mobile conversation anyways.

To get started, you need to have a Gmail account which is somewhat of a problem if you don’t already have one. For some reason, Google is still insisting that you need to get invited to signup from an established Gmail user. Which usually isn’t too hard if you have more than one friend.

To install the program on your Blackberry, just go to:

Thanks to Jamie for the tip …

5 Responses to “Google Talk for Blackberry available for download”

  1. 1 alan

    Actually, you don’t need to get a referral any longer. You can sign up on Gmail’s main site by getting a code sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

  2. 2 Rob

    Unfortunatelly this great feature is not available in The Netherlands -:(

  3. 3 aaron

    if you use this workaround - google talk can serve to host almost all IM clients, i have it running aim and yahoo. only catch is i have to leave google talk logged in on my desktop for it to maintain all the connections on the BB

    how to at blackberryforums

  4. 4 Neil

    And the insane thing is that the site requires that you have Internet Explorer in order to install it. Nice!

  5. 5 Danijel

    i’m unable to use google talk on bold device here in croatia (it works on other older devices like 8300/8100/8120)….OTA download doesnt work (it says that this device isn’t supported)…and i’m unable to access for download of GT (device is recognized as normal browser and not as a BB broswer and i dont see download link)
    does anybody have an idea…?

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