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The Financial Times on your Blackberry


Financial Times Blackberry
The Financial Times is an international business newspaper printed on distinctive salmon pink broadsheet paper. The periodical is printed in 22 cities including London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. One of the oldest newspaper, it was founded in 1888 in London but that doesn’t mean they are slow to adopt new technologies. Quite the opposite, you can now install the Financial Times newspaper right to your Blackberry homescreen. The application is nothing fancy, it just opens up the browser to The Financial Time’s mobile website for easy access. Hopefully in the future they could add true “push” by automatically pushing the latest headlines the second they are published.

To install, you need to visit the following link with Internet Browser:

All Aboard the Blackberry Bus


Blackberry Bus
The bus is promoting last month’s launch of the Blackberry 8700g on KPN, the dutch telecom company active in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Survivor Blackberry, a Marketing Gimmick?


Shane Wood Blackberry
Last night episode of the reality television show Survivor: Exile Island saw Shane apparently losing it by typing and scrolling away on a wooden Blackberry. There was no doubt Shane is a Blackberry user himself by the way he expertly scrolled on the imaginary scroll wheel and told us his “emails” successfully sent because they had the checkmarks. It was a very comedic moment that probably only Blackberry users can fully appreciate, but was it real or staged by the marketing folks at RIM?

The reason why we’re thinking this was a plug is due to the fact that the Blackberry incident had no future bearing after the first 2 minutes of the show. They didn’t even mention it once afterwards or play on the fact that Shane is becoming a bit nutty. Not to mention how Shane was talking about how his Blackberry can do all sorts of things like email, internet, and phone. Also the long standing relantionship that RIM has with Hollywood is undeniable, twice the Blackberry was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things show and RIM is constantly giving away Blackberrys in various award show goodie bags.

In the end it doesn’t really matter, it’s a reality show afterall and we’re sure if RIM did pay the producers of Survivor for the product placement, they easily got their money’s worth last night.

Transferring Address Book for New Audi and BMW Owners


BMW Blackberry
BlackBerry devices running OS 4.1 or later can integrate and transfer the address book on the Blackberry directly to 2006 Audi and BMW models equipped with Bluetooth car kits. Instructions for pairing and transferring your address book are below:

1. Configure Address Book transfer options by going to Options -> Bluetooth.

2. Click the trackwheel and select Options.

3. In the Address Book Transfer field, click the trackwheel and select Change Option.
4. Click one of the following options:

* Disabled - disable the feature
* All Entries - transfer all Address Book entries
* Hotlist Only - transfer only the entries that you have had contact with recently over the phone

Note: An entire Address Book might not fit in some car kits.

5. Click the trackwheel and select Save.

6. After your Blackberry is configure, you then need to put the Bluetooth car kit in Attention or Seek mode.

NTELOS, RIM Announce Availability of BlackBerry


NTELOS Wireless and Research In Motion have announced the availability of BlackBerry on the NTELOS network. NTELOS has introduced the BlackBerry 7250 with support for both BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service. Frank Guido, NTELOS vice president of wireless sales and marketing, said that the launch BlackBerry is a direct response to customer needs and evidence of NTELOS’ ongoing commitment to customer service.

“BlackBerry offers a powerful combination of voice, email and data capabilities and these services are becoming more and more essential to our everyday lives. Ultimately, our BlackBerry launch continues our promise to be the best value in wireless,” said Guido.

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Asia Phone Penetration to Reach 50% By 2010


Asia mobile subscribers totalled 820 million in 2005, a 20.5% increase on 2004, according to Business Monitor International’s report on 14 key Asia markets. Of this figure, an estimated 59 million were 3G mobile subscribers in 2005, representing a 57.3% rise on 2004, and just over 7% of all mobile subscribers in the region.

Prompted by some of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets including India, Vietnam, Pakistan, China and Indonesia, BMI forecasts the total number of mobile subscribers in the region to reach 1.75 billion by 2010, amounting to a penetration rate of just over 50%. BMI estimates that the number of 3G subscribers will be in excess of 300 million at the end of 2010 for penetration of just below 10%. Approximately one in five mobile subscribers in the region will therefore have access to a 3G network.

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