India to get more Blackberry choices

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BlackBerry devices in India may no longer be the exclusive to Airtel. Reliance Infocomm, the largest mobile service provider using the CDMA technology, is learnt to be testing the device for use on its networks according to Financial Express India. Airtel is the largest carrier in India, with 18.5 million mobile subscribers but their 2-year exclusivity deal with RIM is coming to an end, leaving others like Reliance Infocomm to come in and offer Blackberry devices aswell.

A deal with Reliance Infocomm will give Research In Motion access to the second largest mobile subscriber base owned by a private operator in the country as well make the device available on CDMA networks here.

Reliance Infocomm, however, is learnt to be evaluating manufacturers other than BlackBerry as well, including Korean ones capable of offering similar features. All the devices are currently being tested, according to industry sources. Testing for CDMA handsets can take up to 3 months and for BlackBerry-like devices that offer high-end functionalities even longer.

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