Meru Extends Voice and Data Applications for Blackberry 7270

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Meru Networks, today announced a comprehensive solution for on-premise wireless voice and data applications for the Blackberry 7270.

Meru has certified interoperability of the 802.11-enabled BlackBerry 7270 handheld with Meru’s WLAN System. The BlackBerry WLAN solution includes the BlackBerry 7270 handheld, which connects to BlackBerry Enterprise Server to enable secure wireless access to email, instant messaging (IM), organizer, Internet and other corporate applications, and to make and receive wireless VoIP calls through enterprise telephony systems such as IP-PBXs, via the industry-standard SIP. Enterprise customers can now use the BlackBerry WLAN solution to access a reliable, scalable enterprise Wi-Fi network for high-performance, on-premise wireless voice and data applications.

Unlike other WLAN systems in which access points (APs) work independently and must be laboriously configured to deliver adjacent, non-overlapping coverage, Meru’s WLAN System uses a coordinated, cellular architecture in which all APs work together. The solution provides a seamless blanket of coverage that scales transparently and delivers zero handoff times between access points, as well as guaranteed quality of service (QoS) to every WLAN user, including now, those utilizing the BlackBerry 7270. In addition, Meru’s unique, bi-directional QoS technology identifies SIP-based traffic and can apply guaranteed service levels to assure dial-tone quality wireless VoIP.

“Wireless VoIP and data are rapidly emerging as crucial enterprise applications that reduce communication costs and increase productivity,” said Ihab Abu-Hakima, President and Chief Executive Officer of Meru Networks. “Wireless VoIP requires state-of-the-art handsets, and a WLAN infrastructure purpose-built to handle the new demands of high-volume voice and data traffic. The combination of our WLAN solution with BlackBerry addresses these requirements, and demonstrates a clear path to the future of on-premise telephony.”

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