Doubling of Mobile Handset Shipments by 2012


Mobile handset shipments will more than double over the next seven years, says a new report published by Telecom Trends International. The number of mobile handsets shipped will increase from 815.2 million units in 2005 to just under 1.7 billion million units in 2012, the report says. The report says mobile handset growth will be propelled by both multifunctional devices (convergence) and specialized devices (divergence). UMTS will be that fastest growing technology in terms of shipments, it says.

The roll-out of next-generation networks is enabling a slew of applications that is driving innovation in mobile handsets, said Naqi Jaffery, President and Chief Analyst, Telecom Trends International. Increasingly, with the proliferation of applications, voice is becoming a secondary factor when purchasing a mobile device, he said.

The report considers the changing nature of a mobile handset and examines the wide range of applications impacting its development, including mobile music, mobile games, mobile TV, mobile camera, mobile camcorder, and mobile organizer.

According to the report, Middle East and Africa, China, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America will witness double digit-growth in handset shipments over the next seven years. On the other hand, regions that already have a high penetration of handsets, such as Europe, North America, and Japan, will see a slowdown in growth, the report says.