Big Microsoft Deal, Not That Big of a Deal?

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The US Census Bureau revealed it will be equipping its census takers with Microsoft devices, all 500,000 of them. Which is a huge number and confirmed to be the biggest deal for any single Windows Mobile order but according to it may not be that big of a deal.

They say, that the reason for the big order has nothing to do with Microsoft’s smartphone capabilities like email, voice, and internet access - features that make a smartphone a smartphone. But instead replacing the old pen and paper with an electronic device for quicker data entry. So in theory, they could have easily just gotten away with buying 500,000 regular PDAs, a market that Palm and HP have more stock in than RIM.

It’s also worth noting that census takers tend to be older and therefore likely to be less tech savvy than the population at large. Again, it’s not a surprise then that the Census Bureau has opted for Microsoft, given the general belief that Microsoft phones will engender familiarity in users that have been raised on Windows desktop.

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