Gets Serious about Mobile, Acquires Sendia


Sendia Salesforce Inc. announced Tuesday that it has acquired wireless technology developer Sendia Corp. for US$15 million in cash. Using Sendia’s technology, also launched AppExchange Mobile, a platform that allows enterprise customers to access on-demand applications from handheld computers and smartphones.

AppExchange Mobile is an extension of AppExchange, the online service where enterprises can try out and use applications from or from partners that have developed applications compatible with its CRM (customer relationship management) service.

AppExchange Mobile will make it easier for software developers to create mobile versions of their applications, according to Developers can write an application once for the AppExchange platform, and it can then be accessed from mobile devices including BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile handhelds without additional development, the company said. Wireless application developers typically have to tweak applications for each device operating system.

AppExchange Mobile provides wireless access to’s on-demand applications as well as more than 60 other applications already part of AppExchange, said.

Access to the mobile service costs $50 per user per month, in addition to any access charges from mobile operators. Access is free for customers whop subscribe to’s premium “unlimited” service.