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Enable PIN, SMS and Phone Call Logging with BES 4.1

Sometimes it requires a little bit of Big Brother to make the world go round. Especially if you’re a Wall Street or Bay Street trader and are sending illegal insider information by PIN-to-PIN messaging or perhaps a company trying to recruit key employees from your competitor. But those days are long over, where traders can use PIN messaging to send information without worrying that the messages would be recorded due to the reason that PIN messages never passed through a server. Not only was this unethical it is against SEC rules, so RIM decided to change that and include PIN, SMS, and phone logging.

By default only phone logging is enabled, to enable the others do the following:

1. Open BlackBerry Manager.

2. Select Servers, and click the Global tab.

3. Click Edit Properties.

4. Click IT Policy, and then IT Policies.

5. Highlight the IT Policy for the user and select Properties.

6. Select PIM Sync Policy Group. The relevant policies are

* Disable PIN Messages Wireless Sync
* Disable SMS Messages Wireless Sync
* Disable Phone Call Log Wireless Sync

7. To enable any of the policies, ensure they are set to False.

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