GoSkip, New Blackberry Tool for Travellers

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GoSkip Blackberry
GoSkip is a free application for BlackBerry users who frequently travel. Currently in beta, GoSkip is suppose to make travelling easy, with having all necessary email documents in your GoSkip account, the ability to create trip activity schedules, and trip reminders. One of the most useful tool we found with this program is the ability to easily call a company’s customer service number without needing to rumage through documents.

GoSkip is not quite there just yet, ultimately it does make it easier to create itineraries for trips but that can be done as easily with a notepad or even the old fashion pen and paper. However, the guys at GoSkip are working hard on enhancements, promising future versions with real-time flight information like arrival time and delays. When that happens, GoSkip will be such an invaluable tool for travellers.

To download, just point your Blackberry browser to:


More information about GoSkip can be found at their website http://www.goskip.com

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